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    Can we reach a consensus on the following subject – “What would be the best protocol to test a Serum HGH post external administration”?

    I have read and read on Internet (until one day I got to a web page that said “You have reached the end of Internet, please use the Back button on your browser :)), and still cannot determine the best protocol.

    Opinions vary between Sub-Q and IM, from 15 minutes to three hours post administration, from “must fast to fasting not necessary” and so on. I truly admire the wiliness of many members to share their lab work results, but without established consensus and guidelines, any attempt to compare results will be just that, apples to oranges…

    What prompted me to start this discussion is my resent exchange I had with someone in Asia whom I trust. I’ve posed the question exactly as above and received this answer:

    HGH can be injected IM or SQ. To give blood sample:

    1. IM: peak concentration after 3 hours, so give blood sample after 3 hours
    2. SQ: peak concentration after 4-6 hours, so give blood sample after 4-6 hours.

    Huh, this is not exactly what I’ve read!!! But… this answer prompted me to go research a little more and I come find this Plasma integrated concentration of growth hormone after recombinant human growth hormone injection. Implications for determining an optimal dose. - PubMed - NCBI study. While the objectives of the study are different from this subject, one are is of particular interest:

    ***Emphasis is mine.

    ...Patients received subcutaneous injections of 0.06 mg/kg of growth hormone three times a week...

    … After injection, peak growth hormone level was 53.7 +/- 24.1 micrograms/L; time to peak growth hormone level, 4.8 +/- 1.2 hours; constant of elimination, 0.24 +/- 0.06 per hour; half life, 3.0 +/- 0.7 hours; area under the curve, 328 +/- 85 (microgram.h)/L; clearance rate, 107.6 +/- 34.3 mL/min (3.2 +/- 0.8 mL/min per kilogram based on weight, 95.2 +/- 24.2 mL/min per meter squared based on surface area)…

    So, while “SQ: peak concentration after 4-6 hours, so give blood sample after 4-6 hours” totally contradicts to all I have seen thus far on Internet, it is 100% in line with the findings in this study.

    What I think on this subject is irrelevant at this moment. However, if we have consensus and members follows an established guidelines, the only deviations we might see assuming two members have Serum HGH lab after the same brand administration, following the same protocol, will be due to body specifics (BF, liver conditions etc.)
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    I am resurrecting this "dead" thread because of update I wanted to make. As I have said many times already, my goal is to get essential hormone levels to the upper 95% of my age group. Not that I am scared to go over a little, would be concerned if levels are below and so, I am doing blood tests every 45-60 days. A little price to pay for piece of mind.

    This time, I decided to take the advice of my Asian friend (and take the study under consideration) and follow the recommendation for 4 hours wait after GH Sub-Q pin.

    I understand the fact that batches might vary by raw material weight, purity, potency etc, but wanted to share my findings for future reference.

    I have performed Serum GH test three times. First two times blood was drawn exactly three hours after Sub-Q administration. I usually get three 100IU boxes at once, and so, the testing is "per every six boxes". The first two times I got consistent Serum level (15.1 and 15.3)

    The wait time was 4:09. Below is the result. It seems like the study correctly noted time to peak growth hormone level, 4.8 +/- 1.2 hours
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    You may find this interesting...
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    @ChestRockwell Very interesting indeed. This just confirms two things:

    4 - 4.5 hours post Sub-Q administration is the way to go (testing Serum GH)


    0.033mg/kg for 100kg person equals 3.3mg GH which is the standard 10IU pharma grade. My test yield 23.6 after the same amount (but I am almost 80kg right now).


    Quick and dirty calculation shows I have 87.12% of what I actually paid for. I am not being a bitch about that - if price/result ratio is satisfactory, I am happy...

    Do you have a link to the full study?
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    Absolutely...happens to be one of my all-time favorites!
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    Pure gold! Thank you very much!
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