Setting the record straight: Debunking ALL the flu vaccine myths

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    Dozens against, and thousands for... daily new reports, billboards, signs on buses, flu shots here banners in pharmacies and grocery stores, free (enforced) flu shots in schools, get a shot or lose your medical job, "declined flu shot" entered in permanent/national medical records, the list of pusher techniques goes on forever.

    I have a simple rule for this sort of thing. If the media (especially the local media), government or medical industry is strongly behind something, there is sufficient reason to avoid it.
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    What about this??

    On the epidemiology of influenza
    Virology Journal | Full text | On the epidemiology of influenza
    This paper asks and explores these questions:
    1. Why is influenza both seasonal and ubiquitous and where is the virus between epidemics?

    2. Why are the epidemics so explosive?

    3. Why do epidemics end so abruptly?

    4. What explains the frequent coincidental timing of epidemics in countries of similar latitudes?

    5. Why is the serial interval obscure?

    6. Why is the secondary attack rate so low?

    7. Why did epidemics in previous ages spread so rapidly, despite the lack of modern transport?
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    I don't do flu shot. I've only had the flu 3 times and the only 3 times I got it was when I took the flu shot.
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    Influenza Strikes . : The Great Pandemic : : The United States in 1918-1919 : .
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    This is very simple, governments release new flu viruses to the population in third world countries to control population. As far as the flu shot goes, it only acts on the strain the WHO determined was most likely to have an outbreak that year. How the hell do they know this? Because they release it.
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    That's quite the conspiracy theory.
    One part of this whole issue is that they don't know which virus is going to be the dominant strain shown by how they do get it wrong sometimes - I'm not sure what the percentages are.
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  8. Well, they're not doing a very good job. Just sayin'.
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    You are fortunate that banning for gross stupidity isnt an option.
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    Read these while wearing your tin foil hat

    The Timeline of

    Population Control, New World Order Style
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    I don't know how many times I have seen the same thing.
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    I gotta get out the tin foil hat for this one
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    The flu shot is hit and miss, I am required to get the flu shot every season medical field, problem is I alway come down with some flu like symptoms shortly after and even catch the flu later in the season so really what is the point
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    I've seen people have flu symptoms after but never experienced any myself.

    It seems like I get the flu less often and when I do the symptoms are less severe than others. This could be purely a placebo effect though.

    I am curious on research showing negative sides or long term effects from having the flu shot.
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    Ditto with me....when others were down around a week to 10,days I was down roughly 24 hours