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    Would a BDSM sex robot violate Asimov's First Law of Robotics?

    The sex robot community—the people who make the sex robots, and the people who want to have sex with the sex robots—suffered a blow this past week, when the Houston City Council voted to preemptively ban what would’ve been the first sex robot “brothel” in the U.S. But even those council members must know that their gesture was futile. Soon the stigma will fade, and Wal-Mart will sell these things in sixty different flavors. Which of course means that, sometime in the future, you’ll almost certainly be able to buy a BDSM robot.

    As repeatedly pondered over Twitter, before you can get yourself sexually trussed, whipped or choked by a large piece of machinery, we as a culture will need to reckon with—among many, many other things—Isaac Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics. These laws state explicitly, right at the top, that “a robot may not injure a human being.” An originalist interpretation would lead one to conclude that Asimov would not be down with BDSM sex robots—but it’s hard to imagine he had them in mind when he drafted his famous rules.

    Asimov’s been dead for a quarter-century, so for this week’s Giz Asks we surveyed lawyers, ethicists, computer scientists and philosophers on whether or not a BDSM robot would violate his first rule. Robots are fairly dumb at the moment to engage in fetishistic nuances of the human psyche, but the question becomes more complicated as technology advances, as technology always does.

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    Almost 2019 and no flying cars or sex cyborgs yet. What a joke.

    I’ll take Daryl Hannah from Blade Runner when they’re available.
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    life is fucking weird
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    "The sex robot community" .... wonder if my 18 year old sons odd sock collection get to be honorary members? :)
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    Anyone of these mad scientists in the works of inventing robots for sex, military, companionship or anything should be executed. This will be the beginning of the end for humans.

    There was a bunch of robots already communicating with each other in their own language.
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    Where??? When? Please share a link or something! :((
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    Standby. Let me dig it up
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    This is fiction but AI could go here. Imagine?
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    Ok I've got to watch all that later but have you watched Joe Rogans interview with Elon Musk?? This kind of stuff scares the shit out of one of the smartest, innovative people in the world
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    I have not but I listen to rogan all the time. I’ll dig that one up.

    I’m all for futuristic stuff and progressively moving forward as a society but are somethings truly necessary? Sure robots for industry are good. But do we need human robots? What good could come of this?

    Does anyone not watch movies? This shit never ends good
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    I think that might be the problem! The wrong people watch these movies and read these books (Asimov) and they want to bring their fantasies to life
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    Those people should be arrested
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    I want Kelly Preston from the movie Twins. I'll accept no substitutes!
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    In the pre-robotic days of Isaac Asimov’s time, there already existed a machine representative of many a couples relationship ... and therefore a potential replacement/adjunct.


    It even was able to serve at least one role of BDSM - Erotic asphyxiation. So Mr Asimov, being a thoughtful soul, would have factored this into his first rule.
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    jesus christ