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    So here I am. Getting into my first workout log since I've been on Meso. Really, it's the first time in a while I have had a structured plan. I am excited to say the least.

    I am training 4 days a week.

    I am starting from a good foundation. I am uninjured, motivated, as strong as I have ever been and really feel like I could be turning a corner with my ability to gain raw strength. We will see ;)

    I have had injuries. I have had reconstruction surgery on my right wrist and right knee. Other than that all of my issues are minor; broken ribs, fingers, fractured skull etc. I feel like all ailments are as good as could be so I am starting off with nothing haunting me in the back of my mind.

    I am not clean. I am not on AAS but am using 3iu daily of the grey top. I am 4 days into this. Other than this I use some good ol' brotien powder, glutamine, BCAA, daily vitamin D and I love me some ganja :D. No other drugs and a light social drinker.

    My max #'s are:
    Bench 365
    Squat 410
    Deadlift 445

    My stats are:
    7"c in cold water lol
    240 lbs
    Around 20%bf
    15+ years in/out of the gym

    I am just starting to put weight back on my legs since the knee injury. Structurally it is sound. I would anticipate strength to rebound quickly here. I am hoping my deadlift numbers come up with the balance of power returning to my lower half. We will see with this as well.

    I am vain so my diet will be restricted a bit. I am going for a small surplus on training days and a deficit on the others. I know this may hold some gains back but like I said, I am vain bastard!

    I don't go to a specialized gym so adding chains to the bars isn't going to fly. Bands are not restricted.

    Some questions for you knowledgeable guys.
    -Back support. I need to buy a belt. Good, bad, ugly?
    -Any reasonable way to substitute the chains?

    I am always reading and searching so I know I will find good info on the belt but what about the chain dillema? All ears there...

    Listen, I have gained a great deal of knowledge since I came to Meso. I know enough to know I don't know shit. You know? Haha. I have been given some great advice along the way and I have taken every bit of it to heart. I am open to any and all advice, critical thinking etc.

    Thanks for reading!
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    You figure they won't let you bring in chains from the hardwear store for a session? Bands are an alternative but aren't the same as chains. As for the belt inzer forever lever action belt or single prong 10mm 4" belt is a great belt and awesome place to start, they usually go for around 100$ murican or 140$can if you live up north. There are tons and tons of belts out there but that IMO is the best starting one to go for.

    I would also pick up some voodoo floss as I believe you'll need it by the end of the program and its a great tool to have in your bag for sure.

    Guess I'm subd in this shit now too! Also congrats on the stats I've been working on my cold C number and it just seems to shrink on me
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    Count me in.

    A Slingshot might be an option as a replacement for chains. The Reactive one since it doesn't add much. Reverse bands in the squat rack might be another option.

    If you don't have a ton to spend on a belt I'd recommend this one:

    Anderson Powerlifting Single Prong Belt

    I have it myself for deadlift only, but it will work for squats. I have a more expensive 4" belt for squats. If I had to only use one it'd be the one I linked because it'll work on both, while the 4" belt tends to interfere with setting up on deadlift. You're taller though, so it might not be an issue for you.
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    Voodoo floss seems pretty solid, as well as the belt advice. Ty!

    As far as the stats, I um, well, yeah I lied. Damn thing crawls back up inside of me in the cold haha!
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  6. ickyrica

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    Money fortunately isn't an issue. I am in a very lucky situation. I have some more reading to do tonight for sure.
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  7. Eman

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    Check out the belts when you look at the slingshots, I just picked up a strong series belt from that site I'm liking a lot.
    They are pretty much already broken in. Nice and pliable. Pricey but quality IMO .
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  8. Perrin Aybara

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    Go with RT's advice. He has the best of the best when it comes to lifting gear. I'm poor, so I'm not able to try out much in terms of fancy lifting gear unfortunately.
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  9. ickyrica

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    Enjoy it while you can imo.

    What is here today may not be tomorrow.
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    Wo wo wo wo wo hold on here big boy you've been using the STrong belt and haven't given a fucking review in my gear thread!!! That's like the only fucking belt I've never seen in person! I need this review EMAN ITS LIKE CRACK TO ME YOU KNOW THAT!!!!
    Wouldn't say best of the best but definitely have tried out a lot and come to some personal likings. Think best of the best would be subjective to each person
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  11. Perrin Aybara

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    True. I think you've likely tried more brands and types than most on here though. I can't really offer much in terms of comparison as I've never used anything beyond the couple items I have.
  12. RodgerThat

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    Ya I would probably agree with you there I use to train with 3 other guys and we all have different favourite brands which was great cause we all were the same shoe size and waist so could test out what we liked most. Only things I haven't tried that I'd like too would be the STrong belt and a 3" belt and deadlift/squat suits and bench shirt but those are a big investment for something I'd never use in competition
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  13. Perrin Aybara

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    I think you should invest in a 3" belt for deadlift. It makes a difference compared to 4".
  14. Eman

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    Haha... I'll do a review this evening when I get home. I considered an inzer but I've really liked all the products I've gotten from Mark so didn't want to change especially when I've heard it's stuck a pain in the ass with inzer. I watched a video about their new belts and the whole gimmick for them was how they are already broken in. It's a great product imo... it's so pliable it's like I've been using it broken in for years already. It's got such good support I've started putting it on for bench on my heavy day.
  15. RodgerThat

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    Maybe ill tac it onto my order with my SBD belt but I'm already spending a lot of money on new belts this month so might have to wait.
    Mike? You mean Mark or is the STrong serious silent mikes too? Ya I've seen a bunch of their videos on it and I'd probably get one if I didn't already have a 10mm single prong 4". Eventually I want to have a full room dedicated to just gear as if I'm a retailer for every brand but in actuality they are all just my personal stuff, I like options lol
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    Mark lol... I edited it soon as I posted it. I always do that with his name, and I follow the guy on Instagram and YouTube lol... you would think I'd remember by now.

    Honestly I want to get elbow sleeves and compression things from him too but I'm starting to worry about looking like a walking slingshot advertisement. I like the strong series because I never cared for the slingshot name on everything... my wrist wraps just say power on them. So basically everyone that spots me can know I'm a badass... :)
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    Im in
  18. ickyrica

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    Day one went well. Felt strong during the entire workout. Dehydrated, but strong. felt like I could have done more with out issue.

    More questions...

    The secondary exercises. Are they done at body weight? Chose your own exercise?

    For instance, number 3 is simply called 'chest muscles'. Pick my own exercise?
    Number 4 is 'goodmorning'. Looks like just body weight or a bar.

    I am getting up to speed with what's available for belts, wraps, bands etc. Loving being at the gym with a purpose again.
  19. RodgerThat

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    So for chest muscles do whatever you want for the prescribed sets/reps if it gives it, if not do a 3x8-12 of something like cable flys or any chest accessory don't pick a direct pressing movement though as that would overload your pressing volume. For good mornings those are most definitely done with weight on the bar, once again if it's got set/reps laid out pick a weight that you can do that for if not do something like 4x6 or 3x8 with whatever weight works. Start light if you've never done a good morning before as its not something you can just figure out real quick. Watch some how to videos on YouTube and brace your core like crazy during them.
  20. ickyrica

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    If you guys are interested in the raw numbers I'll post all of that. Didn't know if anyone was interested in them.