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    Hi guys, it's our honor to have the chance to co-operate with the MESO here and meet you. We are manufacturer from the Cheaper resource country--China. But to the quality, it's not poor as you might think.

    1. As a factory in this industry for years, we have mature technology to product the classic high quality goods and purity, under the standard of BP, USP, EP, JP, etc.

    You are welcome to contact for free samples. For now, the free samples are only Test base, Test E, Test Pro, Sust 250, Test Cyp. We will send 20 bags of samples(5g/bag) for the interested clients every day. As you know, the samples are just for you to check our quality and purity, especially to build our trust base. So, you may need to pay for the shipping cost.

    Then, if you want to order more after the sample, the sample cost also will be reduced in the next order.

    2. For delivery, after years of dealing with such goods around the world, we have built our own delivery system.

    You are welcome to give comments here or any suggestions or complains.
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    Oh boy
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    Here we go :rolleyes:
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  4. I say this with respect.....Tits or gtfo
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    They have their own delivery system. Lol

    Is it stealth? As in you shove it into a brown box? Because we all know xrays can't penatrate the color brown.
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    Here we go again.......
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    They say 98% purity , straight bullshit .
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  9. What's with the user title, Sponsor ?
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    Saw that too.... What the?
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    Nicole huh? Interesting....
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    Nicole is a 27 yr old male? Huhhh
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    Dear all, thanks for your reply. I may need to explain something here.
    1. All the goods are with purity 98%-99%. That's confirmed. All of our goods are guaranted for the quality and purity. If your testing report shows it is not. All the money will be refunded.
    2. For the delivery, we have built up our own system. It is not means we build a company to deliver the goods, but a database to choose the couriers, the package, the delivery methods, etc.

    It is tired to write reply by the phone. So, pls forgive me to reply you late.

    PS: anyone who wants sample reply me by email or skype:smile.vapor

    Thanks and have a good day.
  14. Nicole sweetheart, with all due respect, you ever consider investing in a computer to help you run your online business? :eek:
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    i'll be checking back on this thread tomorrow,
    these are always a good laugh :D
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    Present these lab reports showing the purity you claim. Skype...really? It's like you're not even trying. Please no one fall for this.
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    Damnn.... I didn't know they smoked the OG cush in China :rolleyes:
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    English is goog LE u could've tried harder
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