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Discussion in 'Men's Health Forum' started by lepiricus, Nov 8, 2005.

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    lepiricus Junior Member

    Any know Shippen's current protocol? I know his book is a little aged and this was debated in the infamous thread, but with the flood of hcg questions recently this might be worth explaining.

    Right now I am assuming DavidZ's sticky is the closest thing available.
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    DavidZ Junior Member

    I'll ask Dr. Shippen if there's an update and, if so, if he would be nice enough to give me a copy to share with this group.

    Post a question and see what you get. :)
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    lepiricus Junior Member

    I'm too skeered...:eek:
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    DavidZ Junior Member

    There's nothing to be "skeered" of. The worst that can happen is that you don't get an answer and you'll be no worse off than before you asked.

    On the upside, you may get your question answered.

    Seems like a no lose proposition to me.
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    railrider80 Junior Member

    Did you find any updates to Shippens hcg only treatment.
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    Michael Scally MD

    Michael Scally MD Doctor of Medicine

    I hope you used PM or Email since the post is 5+ years old! IMO, except for cases of fertility, hCG monotherapy is a waste
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    DAvidZ still on hcg mono and has great test levels even after 7 years even in his 50's !!
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    James23 Member

    There's no real "protocol." 250 IU per day is the one he's currently using.

    DavidZ still exits? Where does he post, these days?
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    NO he does not post said there was too much drama . I see him when he comes in 6 months for Dr's appointment.
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    railrider80 Junior Member

    Talked with the Doc today and we are going to give it a shot. He wants me to do the 250ius/day and stay with my current dose of aromasin of 12.5 mg E3D. I've got my fingers crossed.
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    Best of luck. It will be easier to monitor hcg with estradiol. Even 250 ius may be too much at one time . It's amazing that some people can get away with 70-80 ius a day getting total T levels in the 700-900. Might want to start at 100iu since you have e2 issue as you can always raise it up after 3 weeks. One should always error on the side of caution with a person sensitive to e2. IMO HCG can overstimulate the testicle receptors with smallest of dosages of HCG going straight to e2.
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    railrider80 Junior Member

    Wow I got my scripts filled today for both hcg and aromasin. The Aromasin is being dosed the same as with TRT @ 12.5mg E3D, but he changed his mind on the HCG dose. I'm a little nervous that he raised the dose to 500ius daily. I contacted him about the increase and he's wanting to do this for the first 4wks since i've been on exo T for so long. He said we will then do blood work and adjust dose accordingly. His labs will include TT FT and E2. So he's atleast concerned about E.
    I read alot about over stimulation and the damage it can cause. I don't want to piss this guy off by doing a lower dose on my own as I can tell he actually gives a shit. Will this high dose be ok for a short amount of time for him to see what its going to do to me? I did notice that shippen notes he uses this amount for some indiviuals. Anybody with personal experience please chime in and share.
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    After passing the clomid challenge with good numbers. (age lower 30's)
    People have down regulated on as little as 350 ius EOD in as little as 2-3 months.
    They had excellent levels at week 6 (600-800 range) good e2, shbg. 9 weeks in they where not feeling to hot. Labs were ran and levels where back down to 350 range. All other variables where in check, good nutrient ratio, had no other variables in the mix. No sense of wasting more time TRT was implemented. They are doing fine.

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