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Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by greygoose, Feb 22, 2004.

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    greygoose Junior Member

    ok, i posted before and didn't get any usable info... so im postin again.
    I have some test500 and eq 500 that accumulates black "mold like stuff" in the bottle on the glass when it sits for a couple of weeks. I dodn't know what it is... i have told that it ok and i have been told that it is very bad.... so i don't know what to think. I emailed the source asking him about this twice (once a month or so ago, and the other this week) and i got no reply. I can tell you that i get sicker than a dog when i shoot it( which is why i quit taking it way back when). I was going to throw them away, but iwas wondering what i can do to salvage them if they are fucked up.
    do i need a filter?
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    Sensational Junior Member

    I have no clue if you can salvage it, I would probably just throw it away and count it as a loss~Sensational
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    cvguy Junior Member

    wow, nasty. not my area of expertise, but there's something weird going on here. Dunno about EQ, but Test powder is white, not black, so it's not that. And "stuff" doesn't usually grow in oil--I've had bottles of sesame oil (cooking) sitting around for ages, and nothing appears in them.

    Something's seriously wrong here. Who knows what that shit is. But I wouldn't be injecting it. Who knows what it might give you. Could end up with an infection or some sort of allergic reaction or who knows what. Not worth the risk, IMHO. Toss the stuff out. If you bought it from a good supplier recently, send him a pic of the vials and see if you can get a discount on a replacement order.
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    freak Member

    trash it, now!!
    even if you could resalvage it, you wouldn't do it by just refiltering it.
    filtering something multiple times, doesn't kill bacteria.
    reheating at 275 deg to knock shit out would be the way to go, if you were making it yourself. to help ensure things.

    why risk who knows how much money in dr. bills for recovery if you catch something, when you can get 10ml vials of test and equip [good shit] for around 30 to 50 bucks a vial.
    sorry to hear about your dilemma, good luck.
    peace, freak
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    greygoose Junior Member

    the problem

    here's the problem.... you all know who the source is... im going to say any names... but he won't email me back. I got the gear back early last summer, the injections made me sooooo sick that i stopped using it. i didn't throw them away because the source told me that the sickness was just my body reacting to the high mg/ml (however, i have had the test flu before.... this was much worse.). so i stopped using the gear and put it away thinking one day i might try it again. Well, a couple of months ago i noticed it was growing balck shit in it and i meant to pos something, but i procrastinated and forgot. Now, im a little concerned. The source won't email me back...
    (I am referenced... this is in no way another stupid meso thread intended on stirring up trouble.... it is quite real).
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    JamesT Junior Member

    Never seen that before?????
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    eleven11 Member

    Don't put that shit in your body and don't bother trying to salvage it. Your health is not worth a couple hundred bucks. Let me guess UG gear?.......11
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    highoutput Junior Member

    Bro its not worth gambling with your health. Throw it away.
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    Bob Smith

    Bob Smith Member

    Yet another reason why there are only one or two UG sources that I would even consider using.
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    Whoaimskinny Junior Member

    this has actually happened to my gear before as residue sticking to either the bottom of the vial or the corners...when i emailed the source he said it was just the powder coming out of the solution and heating it would dissolve it..seemed to work for a while until it sat for a few hours...i've never made any home made gear before so i don't know what color test E powder is and took the sources word for fate would have it i never used the product and ended up selling it...i say trash it if it's making you sick..nothing is worth your least now you know that product is not good for you..even if it might be great for someone else...trial and error i guess..i just hope the bro i sold it to doesn't have the same reaction...these days you never know what you're putting in your body...everything is hearsay with UG labs "i gained 30lbs on this shit so it must be good"(and the case is someone stacking 3 drugs so you never know what your body was growing off of) and the scary thing is everyone believes gain 30lbs but eventually have to cut out just as much because of an abcess(sp) on your ass...
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    chris gordon

    chris gordon Junior Member

    i would email the source....if he didnt respond in a couple days i would try again...IMO this should be rectified by him, we all know hes a good bro, sometimes shit just happens
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    Diablo570 Junior Member

    Freak, filtering REMOVES bacteria, some large virus(s) and the such. Your right that filtering does NOT kill only removes it.(assuming your using a 0.22um filter-sterile)
    There would be no need to heat the oil after your sterile filtered it, since its "sterile."
    No flames bro, just trying to keep the info clear for newbs and the hombrewers out there.

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