SHOCK yur Willly into submission - ED Fix - Will it get hard?

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    mtm medical | technology | marketing - products - Erectile Dysfunction (ED) - erec-fit

    See PDF Attached...

    Electrotherapy of erectile Dysfunction

    Electro stimulation is new therapy form for Erectile Dysfunction, the inability to achieve and maintain the full erection.
    Venous leakage is a relatively common cause of Erectile Dysfunction.
    Although the arterial inflow of blood into the cavernosal bodies is adequate, blood leaks out simultaneously due to a damaged veno-corporo-occlusive mechanism that is caused by the insufficient venous occlusion of the cavernosal smooth muscle.
    By applying electro stimulation with appropriate stimulation parameters the insufficiency of the cavernosal smooth muscle can be treated. The muscle will be strengthened and the resulting increase of muscular mass and physical strength can lead to an improvement of the functioning of the venous occlusion mechanism and enable the required filling of the corpus cavernosal bodies with blood.
    The strengthening of the muscle is usually achieved within 90 days by applying regular stimulations. The stimulation itself causes no erection.

    How does erec-fit® function?

    Erec-fit® is a stimulation system, consisting of the pulse generator, the erec-fit® stimulator and two monopolar, self – adhesive electrodes. The system generates pulses of distinct sizes, forms and frequencies that are applied through the erec-fit® electrodes.
    The pre- lubricated erec-fit® electrodes are circularly placed on the penis and the current will be transferred to the inner muscular system.
    The size of the electrodes is 15 x 150 mm. The electrodes are designed for multiple uses.
    The stimulator is a small hand – held device. The patient determines the level of current based on subjective perception until the maximum tolerance level is reached.

    How the electro stimulation is performed?

    During the first 90 days, a daily treatment is necessary to restore the potency. The stimulation time should last for 20 minutes.
    Experience shows, that after 4-6 weeks an improvement becomes apparent. Following a three-month therapy, only one stimulation per week is sufficient to sustain the improved the potency.
    The stimulation is carried out at a frequency of 30 Hz and a contraction time of three seconds. If, at the beginning of the stimulation, sore muscle systems (increased lactate levels) are observed, it is recommended to lengthen the duration of the contraction. Based on the constant pulse / pause ratio of 1:2, the increased duration reduces the number of contractions per time unit. The effective stimulation time should remain unchanged.

    Which stimulation parameters are necessary?

    The electro stimulation with erec-fit® is an effective and cost effective therapy which can be applied without any side effects.
    The following parameters are selected to ensure a successful therapy:

    Pulse current: 120mA
    Frequency: 30 Hz
    Stimulation: cyclically
    Pulse/Pause Ratio: 1 : 2
    Contraction time: 3 seconds
    Stimulation time: 20 minutes
    Duration of treatment: 90 days

    The use of higher frequencies is not appropriate, as with the caused fatique of the muscular activity, the contractility of the muscular system will be reduced.
    Improvement of the symptoms can therefore not be achieved.


    Impotence disorder caused by venous-occlusive dysfunction (VOD)
    Ejaculatio praecox



    Kind of current: swelling current
    Modulation: adjustable increase 0,7 sec.
    Frequency: program controlled 10 Hz to 40 Hz
    Pulse form: triangle, DC free
    Contraction: 2 – 5 sec., adjustable
    Pause: constant, double contraction time
    Power: programmed at 120 mA at 1 K Ohm
    Supply: 9 Volt NC rechargeable battery
    Dimension in mm: L: 125 – W: 75 – H: 33
    Weight: 240 gr. including rechargeable battery
    Certification: CE 0124


    Design: electrodes, self adhesive
    Poles: pre-lubricated, anti-allergic, monopolar
    Size in mm: L: 150 – W: 15

    Subject to technical alterations

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    Whacha really need is a conductive on one side elastic material kinda like a condom. Then ya put the juice on HER side of it . Now thats pussy control.
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    Just stick it in the wall socket..its free lol
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    I dont know about that, but - 30hz can be mighty Hard to Come by......:drooling:
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    NOVELY Exciting. One of the big no-no's in current estim philosohpy is that there is no SAFE was to use electricity between two subjects, as BOTH or EITHER party then becomes a conductor as a singular WHOLE and throughout their body. But I think the truth is that even in individual electrical application the result is the same. They even talk about the use of rubber goves as successful risk mitigation, however, they seem to omi that unless they are levitating in SPACE, there are other points of ground involved..

    I think it boils down to signal amplitude (thought of as strength or volume knob really. Interestingly enought, common a/c frequency used in electro convulsive therapy is 50hz I believe. The frequency of the electricity that flows over power lines is 60hz. In Tens technology, I think the signal is usually 150hz or less, and I have heard optimally 60 hz. So I think the reality of the application of electricity to human tissue, is that the lower the frequency, the less damage to the CNS possible. As far as far as actual signal frequency to stimulate muscle skeletal tissue, I think you can find and effective 60hz in any frequency above 60hz as a component thereof.... I am really not sure though as some of the physics behind this simply eludes me...

    So there is some truth to this...:
    "The use of higher frequencies is not appropriate, as with the caused fatique of the muscular activity, the contractility of the muscular system will be reduced.
    Improvement of the symptoms can therefore not be achieved.

    It should be noted thought that in common electrostim applications for DIY'rs, signals below 300hz are difficult to ascertain due to the bottom end limitations of inexpensive audio output transformers...:)

    A lot of this technology is eminating from the UK as a primary, as well as other more "sexually liberated" societies... This one in particular looks to be German..

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    Muscle contraction is deteya dontrmined by the amplitude of the voltage. AC, DC, pulsating DC - they all can cause muscle contraction. The rate is controled by the frequency. The currrent is determined by the impedance of the total circuit: i.e, the person and the power supply. This is why you dont want to use line voltage. The impedance too low. 120VAC from the wqll outlet allows WAY too much current to flow thru the body. But the same voltage delivered by a high impedance power supply will limit the current to safe values. I`v built several of thse circuits and monitored the electrode V on an O scope. Measure V and calculate I: E=IR. Ohms Law. Current (I) aint much but V can exceed 300v.
    An LM38 power opamp makes a good driver and is essentially the output stage of a pc sound card.Connect its output yo the secondary of a SMALL audio transformer with a turns ratio of 100:1 (10Kohm to 1Kohm) Drive that with a software waveform generator capable of amplitude, frequency and phase adjustment and you can generate some interesting waveforms that do interesting things. Like controlling pussy muscles rate and intensity contraction. Aside from the elastic single sided conductive stuff, just slap a Tens pad on her ass to complete the circuit. You are RIGHT in that this could be a dangerous thing to do. A condom will insulate you from the circuit. You can paya lot of money for power supplies and it isnt necessary. To experiment like this right you really need an oscilloscope and software to store and playback the waveform.
    I guess you could stuff a couple Tens pads in her and take your chances but wouldnt suggest it. Another idea that works is to stick some aluminum ductwork tape as two strips on a dildo and somehow connect you ypur supp[ly. Its been several years since I was into this so maybe Im talking old school here.
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    One thing I would like to point out is that clearly the body in very interesting in that it works like both a battery(D/C), and having its own built-in inverter (D/C to A/C), and thus it also funtions and emits like A/C current (Very cool/interesting) - still my own rough interpretation.

    A note is that one should never use any device premising on DC current, as this will potentially cuase electrolysis (Chemical reactions) in the body. This is not good as the body has it own plans as to where and how this is to occur.

    You mention the audio output transformer, which is common with electrical practices to stimulate the body. In essence they provide as both protection, down-regulation of voltage, and signal processing/coversion (final product for flesh application. You will find these utilized in any TENs application, unless they are using digital chips to make a direct application (which may be the case in many devices these days).

    So Z, I have a question, I note that most cheap or SMALL audio output transformers have a bottom end rating of 300hz. I suspect his is a limiting factor significant. What are you thoughts on trying to drive a signal lower than 300hz to the flesh with these type limited transformers. ITs my suspicion that it doesnt transfer properly at all, while I have seen engineers argue it may in fact. Can you shed some light for me..?:)

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    Totlly agree that DC is a no, no just as is electrode placement across the heart :eek:[}:)]

    The freq response of an inductor(L) varies direcrly with the freq(F). The lowest freq is zero Hz. Under this condition the impedance, the sum of resistance(R) and reactance(Z)=R. As F increases- Z increases/ This is why yous see inductors on the woofer crossovers of speaker systems- it attenuates the highs which you dont want in the woofer. So the trans has good F response at low F and less so as the F increases.
    Wiki can probably explain that WAY better.
    Seems those little audio output transformers are hard to come by these days.They were used in the old transistor radios and tens units.
    What sort of setup are you using? Did you buy one of those multi hundred dollar power supplies or what? Link?
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    I've got a Variac, some jumper cables, and a rusty lawn chair in case anyone is interested.

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    Variac?!?! I did not say - SHOCK THE SHIT OUT OF IT>...!!! LOL

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    They are indeed in short supply.

    As far as AOTs go, you can do a base search and there is one that radio shack uses that is common in the field of applying electrcity to human application for DIYers...
    RadioShack Audio Output Transformer : Transformers |

    There are are few other low cost AOTs on the market in the 10$ or less range as well. THE PROBLEM I see is that they all have low end frequency response cut-offs around 300hz. I had it explained to me that this was not that big a deal, but I still disagree (in wondering layman terms)... As it would make sense to me, that if the thing cant deliver less than 300 hz, IT CANT..

    My point is that all the body needs to get it jumping SOUNDWISE is a few HZ, and up to 60hz is usually the MAX minimum necessary to get a good muscular response. AND there are suspected health issues going up and beyond 60hz (or simply put that higher is probably worse as a general rule. HOWEVER, some persist in going higher as perceiving it evokes a stronger response on a NERVE PATH so to speak, rather than simply charging muscle to evoke Neuro response... The debate is out as to what the healthy parameters are, but you can denote typical medical tens applications are usually 0-150hz, and I suspect the units that go up to 150 or higher are simply that way because they are CHEAP and PORTABLE - mostly CHEAP.. SO I PREMISE that even in medical TENS scenario, they look for closer to 60hz as optimal..

    I actually ordered some AOTs that were around 30bucks each. I was quickly surprised to find they were about 2 inches cubed in size and weighed a pound each. Then further researching that it is the QUALITY AND MOSTLY NUMBER of copper winds that achieve the signal effect/alteration. Therefore a really good AOT can not be small, or totally portable. I have yet to construct the device however (although I have parts lol), so I can not say what differnce in effective signal delivery there will be. But the long and short is that I SUSPECT that with the cheaper AOTS with the poor low end frequency cut-off at 300hz low end, deliver a CONTORTED BASTAERD of a signal which is more likely to produce burning, numbing, and improper/unintended results. IN SHORT, I suspect that with the quality AOTS I would be able to achieve a CLEAN muscle contraction with little to no "side effect SENSATIONS" as burning. Just a CLEAN signal to stimlate a muscle contraction same as being locked up with a 120 - IF ya know what I mean.. LOL

    A further point on safety, which enters into some of the basica PHYSICS of what you refer, and I am a layman, but clearly one of the points of health concern is that exogenous is never desired, so less always equals better. However it plays in mathematically with relation to SIGNAL FREQUENCY - Lower frequencies require LESS Signal Amplitude (power/strength), thus less foreign influence electrically applied to the body. The one justification I can think of that the "E-Stim Heads" can easily dismiss the poor signal modulation of the low end AOTs is that they are looking for higher than 300hz MANY times on that hunt for DIRECT CNS INTERACTION (kind like the guy who developed the orgasmo medical spinal tap). And they are getting it, GOD only knows the reprecussions long term..

    FYI - But you MUST use an AOT in any of these applications as it will SHIELD you in many ways from the inherent dangers of electricity. Really leaving behind only the risk of the AMP getting an imbalance and boggling your MIND.. LOL NEVER forget the necessity of an isolated DC supply to as a base source thus shielding yourself from all the risk of being in loop with utility MAINS which can quickly bring you in full circle in ways we cant imagine on a nice low voltage occurance or SPIKE...:D I am sure you know most of this but for any others following.

    On one last further answering. No I have not spent the big bucks as is my goal with the expensive AOTs i SUSPECT should resolve and remains their TRADE SECRET which they shamefully protect by broadcasting perceived ignorance publicly. Otherwise I suspect I have some good information. But I think the one secret of the more expensive units is the AOT and thus the larger box. But to apply some real experience as well, I can tell you the 30hz with the small AOT technology would produce nothing more than HEAT... So quality of the AOT must be the case. I do not discount that they (folks making the "cock zapper" which started this thread) may be actually building a signal from scratch in some way that I do not understand and is independent of the need for AOTS..

    I do have some lack of understanding as to how todays digital amplifiers compare to the older analog style. The analoge being the "amp on a stick" with heat sinc I call it.. LOL. But I understand the technology is completely different and that there remains much more uncertainty as to how any particular digital amp with mesh with a given AOT...?

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    LOL wtf

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