Should I Beat my Wife

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  1. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    So.... she won’t let me post naked pictures of her on the internet. I have low self-esteem and I swear nothing would make me feel better than anonymously posting her pictures to this board to read what random dudes here would say.

    She doesn’t cook for me, just makes me a salad with lots of fucking lettuce.

    I talked to her father about it and he said he use to beat her mom for that shit right in front of her. He suggested I do the same, right in front of our kids so they can grow up knowing what to do.

    So @Sworder what to do? Should I beat her for this stuff.

    Time to troll the troll!
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  2. MindlessWork

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    Lmao this is going to be fun. Let's hear it from the man @Sworder himself!
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  3. KillaBig

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    Yea Wahmen these’s day’s feel completely entitled, especially with all these white knights running around giving them pussy pass’s.
    A good beating like it’s the 1950’s or Russia is exactly what today’s society needs. That’s what the original American’s of the good old day’s believed when a man was a man a queer was a queer and there was no room in between. Now we have gender neutral bathrooms Men and Boy’s being changed into Women or girls and vice versu competing in each other’s sports like it’s some kind of achievment to beat a bunch of women at a sport made from them when you are a biological male dressed up and possibly with your dick cut off because equality and diversity is suppose to be our strength. Fuck I’m going to bed.
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  4. Sworder

    Sworder Member

    I thought you had learned by this point?

    What part of this do you think is funny?

    Also, the fact that you call her "Dad" her father however you use the endearing "Mom" in the same sentence. What do you think that means? Did you just "randomly" say "father" and "randomly" say "mom?" I know for a fact that it is not true.

    Have you seen the Number Theory thread I have? There are a couple videos there about "random." Nothing is random ;)

    You said, "beat" a person who has never struck somebody or "beat" a woman wouldn't say that word. They would say "hit" or "strike."
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  5. Tiredandhot

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    Ok fine, should 3BG strike his wife for those things?
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  6. Sworder

    Sworder Member

    World politics happened.
  7. Sworder

    Sworder Member

    Yes most likely, his wife would probably escalate the situation too considering her narcissistic nature.

    *This is obviously a joke. Just clarifying due to the nature.
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  8. MindlessWork

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    Do you still lift, @Sworder? Just asking for a friend.
  9. LeoTC

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    Have her make you a proper post Thanksgiving turkey sandwich. If she comes back and there's stuffing on it but no green bean casserole? might want to have her make sure you have ice on hand while she's fixing your plate.
  10. KillaBig

    KillaBig Member Supporter

    Yea, Yet many middle eastern country’s like Israel maintain racial purity gender specific’s and so on. While the rest of Europe and the United states go to shit while arming them and helping them build them selves into allies, We should start sending leftist and Dem’s to those places to preach there world ideologies.
  11. LeoTC

    LeoTC Member

    A lot of Middle Eastern countries are run by religious zealots. The kind that stone people to death because they've angered Sky Daddy.

    Religious zealots that'll have you hacked to pieces for daring to speak against them or their corruption.

    You can head on over if you're really that high on it. The rest of us, I imagine, will keep kickin' it over here.
  12. KillaBig

    KillaBig Member Supporter

    I’m as American as they come I think ya missed the point bud.
  13. bolder

    bolder Member Supporter

    I’d recommend using the ‘Flinch Method’ to assess any kind of spousal situation. This way you know that you’re still in charge of the relationship. o_O

    When the ‘bitch’ be acting out, then just show her that back hand like it’s a loaded gun, and your trigger finger is itching, and ready to be scratched. If ‘the bitch’ ‘flinches’ then you know you still have mind control. o_O

    Mind control and brain control are two separate forms of control so do not confuse the two! :confused:

    As long as your ‘bitch’ stays flinching then you own mind control of her and then you can do whatever you want to fulfill your own needs and your own desires. o_O

    My how to book ‘The Flinch Method’ was on the NY Times best sellers list...

    My new book ‘Brain Control... go deep inside her’ will be at selective book stores Jan 1,
    preorder yours now! :p

    I am fully trolling rn, I just wanted to sound smart when saying dumb fuckin shit! Also wanted to try and be funny at the same time! :D

    In all seriousness I’ve never hit a female and never will. May have felt like it at times lol but would never even come close to actually doing it. :)

    edit; Ladies, this method also works on bitch ass husbands :eek:
  14. LeoTC

    LeoTC Member


    I'm pretty sure you just endorsed the idea of racial purity and the equivalent of Sharia law as a means of maintaining what you believe to be the status quo in the US.

    Unless the implication wasnt that anyone not sharing your ideology or ethnicity be deported to said Middle Eastern nation. Where many would likely wind up dead simply as an inevitability of their existence. Because the chose to speak out, choose to love openly, or a simply born differently.

    Long way around to just saying you want to kill all the free thinkers, queers, fags, niggers, spics, spooks, etc.
  15. KillaBig

    KillaBig Member Supporter

    Yea, You missed the point good night brotha.
  16. Damnit dad it’s not enough that you beat me on daily bases, now you wanna beat mom too..
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  17. LeoTC

    LeoTC Member

    Then you made it awfully poorly, I read what you wrote.

    For what worit's worth, I don't begrudge anyone their beliefs. But speak plainly and own then.
  18. johntt44

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    If you cant do it, Ill come over and beat her for you when Im done beating my wife. After she cooks us dinner first!;)
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  19. johntt44

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    Youve got to pinch em first to establish ownership then show them the back of your hand.
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  20. MEH669

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    Well, "rule of thumb says"
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