Should I bulk or cut

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    Hey, first things first please dont be too hateful aha, I've only been training for around 7 months now. I train 6 days a week (sometimes 7 if I decide to devote a day to cardio), and have been just maintaining for a few months now not knowing what to do. I'm 6,2 and only 164lbs yet I feel as if I have a large amount of body fat present. I feel as if a bulk will obviously be beneficial for myself in terms of gaining size and strength however I just feel as if the body fat addition may be too much for me to handle, causing me to revert my ways and go back into a cut. At this point I'm open to any advice anyone can give me, also feel as if a cut may be seen as a somewhat waste as surely I want to make the most of my beginner gains. I'm currently on 2400 calories a day (roughly maintenance for me, maybe a slight deficit, and consume 200g+ protein, 250g + carbs and around 50g fat)

    Also would like to clarify I am sorry for the absolutely horrific filters on these photos, its all I could find on my phone recently (that was workout photos). And keep in mind this is within white lighting and with a pump, I can assure you I have no lower abdominal muscle in normal light.

    Also not sure if this has anything to do with this yet a couple years ago I was the same height yet weighed around 200lbs, and I decided to loose around 70-75 lbs and at my lowest was 125lbs ish and only consumed around 1000 a day due to some personal issues at the time.
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  2. Still can't see them...
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    Yep just realized IMG_E2435.jpg IMG_E2442.jpg IMG_E2445.JPG IMG_E2446.JPG that cheers aha, this should work. :)
  4. I don’t see a “huge amount of bf” on your body bud. Imo I would honestly focus on compound lifts and really building more of a foundation to work off of. Do. A bit more research on proper nutrition and training (check out the training forum and scroll through some pages) as well. Become more educated there’s plenty of sources on here and the web in general. Eat a bit above maintenance once you figure out what exactly that is and train hard. The results will absolutely come. No need to “bulk” and sacrifice a lot of body composition in doing so. Seriously “cutting” would be a waste. Cut down to what exactly? Work on adding some quality muscle.

    Eat above maintenance. Every couple weeks check the mirror. If you feel like your gaining too much too quick and visibly adding a good bit of fat then pull back on the carbs and add in some cardio. It’s definitey gonna be a marathon and not a sprint. But you still have a lot of potential to add a lot of muscle and truly change your whole body composition in a very positive way solely based off of pushing food and consistent training. Give your self rest days and breaks when you need them. Always listen to your body bro. Don’t be afraid to eat to grow. I’m sure you know the difference in eating to grow and just being sloppy and packing poinds on... best of luck.
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    Thanks so much man for taking the time to write all of this, you've really changed my whole perspective on the whole you need to bulk, or cut lifestyle aha, and yeah I've only recently joined here yet feel as if I can learn so much just by scrolling through all the different forum posts. And that's one of the problems with my absolute shit gym is that there's no compound lifting... It's all just accessory lifts and isolation movements there's not a single barbell inside... I have memberships at other gyms that have multiple racks, benches and more just they're somewhat far away, but definitely gonna have to be changing gym soon just so I can actually focus compound lifts and not the cheap rip offs like dumbbell squats, cable dead lift and cable bench aha. But yeah man really appreciate the advice, you've helped me out a lot.
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    Anybody else keep thinking this guy is Millard cause of the avi?
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    was just thinking that. Was surprised to see Millard asking if he should bulk or cut
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    See I feel slightly dumb here, not knowing who Millard is or what the fuck avi is aha.
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    Wait fuck, I think I know what your'e on about here, yet not gonna lie I'm probably gonna need to change that after seeing his profile the other day. Just the first photo I saw on the desktop.
  10. Millard = The boss man here.
    Avi = Your profile picture.
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    aha cheers man, and its been changed, cant say for the better, yet again first photo I saw, happened to be an iphone background :/
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    I think the reason you feel you have alot of fat is a situation called skinny fat and I've been there. At 6'3 @170lbs I felt the need to cut. You're not going to be happy until you're a relatively lean 200lbs + at your height. If I could go back and tell my skinny self one thing, and I TRULY hope you take this to heart and sincerely consider it... . Hire a good coach

    I wasted so much time and money on food, supps and gear thinking I could learn everything I needed online. You can make such better use of your time utilizing a knowledgeable coach. $100-$250 a month is such a valuable investment.

    Theres alot of good guys out there. Some on our forum are @Atlas_Physiques and @ChestRockwell I have friends who have done well working with many different guys online and can make suggestions if you'd like. Chris Tuttle, Nick Trigili, Ron Partlow and Arash are some other really good guys.
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