Should I drop the npp

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by glutesforthesloots, Oct 12, 2018.

  1. glutesforthesloots

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    So cycle so far has been 600g test c with 400 mast p. Then been running 600 mg test c with 400 mg npp. Been on for about 2 weeks of that. Ran npp multiple times and never had problem with it. But for the past 3 night I can't fall asleep. I feel slight anxiety and cannot fall asleep until like 5 am every night. Have no problem falling asleep during the day though.

    I am using a different lab for this npp. It's dose at 200mg/ml. Looks almost like water so just different than what I'm used to.

    But this no sleep thing sucks .Not sure of I'm better dropping it and just finishing this cycle test only. Any suggestions of how I should continue this cycle would be great.

    So far thinking of just doing an easy 750g test c cycle to finish. But I do love how the npp makes me look.
  2. FiEnD

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    Super high numbers. Maybe try dropping them to a more reasonable dose and see how you feel?

    100mg NPP eod
  3. glutesforthesloots

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    I've always ran 400 mg pw. Possible it could not be npp just never had this side before. And if I do drop it could I make solid gains just on test alone haven't done a test only cycle in a few years besides when I'm crusing
  4. tengtren

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    You could make ok gains on test only.
    Seems strange your sleep is fucked on just 600test and 400npp that's certainly not unheard of

    Check list to try before you drop the wonderful compound NPP.

    1 - Get blue light blocking glasses or don't look at any electronic screen 1hr before you want to be asleep

    2 - No caffeine or stims the last 5 hrs before you want to be asleep

    3 - Have at least an hr between your last meal and the time you want to be asleep (as well as limit your fluid consumption)

    4 - In your last meal try to have as little simple sugar as you can (don't drink a root beer or Fanta just because it has no caffeine)

    If none of this works, there are always sleep meds. I take them, to me I'd rather take the right dose of aas and have to take some things to counteract sides. This is CERTAINLY not the case for everyone though, you must be clear on what you really want/how you really want to look
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  5. Morefyah

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    200mg/ml NPP wtf?
    If there’s zero pip, I doubt it’s legit.
  6. BigNattyDaddy

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    Why do you believe the NPP is responsible?
  7. Robfromga

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    Npp causes no sleep issues.
    200mg npp isn't real common or easy to get to hold .
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  8. Morefyah

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    POG used to make NPP at 150mg/ml and that shit had a nasty bite and always crashed! In fact that faggot still owes me for some gear from before he went private.
  9. Test_Subject

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    200mg/ml NPP that doesn't cause PIP?

    I'm betting that it's not properly dosed. NPP simply isn't that soluble without some serious solvent added, which is going to cause some pain.
  10. glutesforthesloots

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    Yeah don't really have any pip with it. It's froma different lab it's not the one I usually use that's why I'm questioning it.
  11. tengtren

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    Who is it
  12. Ironlord

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    I've got 150mg/ml Npp from genetec... That shit has some definite pip, but nothing unmanageable... Thought maybe it was because I hadn't pinned delts in ages, but nope lol....