Should I run a second PCT

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    Ok, I ran a cycle for 14 weeks. The first 10 weeks was Test at 400, and weeks 1-6 were with Deca 300 a week. I used test prop in weeks 13 and 14, and then started a pct at week 16 with hcg, 1500iu every other day, clomid and tamoxifen. I only had enough HCG for six shots, and later I used some more - three shots , 2000IU, 2000IU, 2000IU (in the 4th week of PCT).

    It's now been 4 weeks since the conclusion of my PCT and I've finally managed to get some bloodwork done (it's not laziness or neglect, but due to the severe legal situation of the country which I currently inhabit.) I was out of the country due to business so I could get some biological material to a lab.

    I was hoping for a moderate recovery, but my numbers are underwhelming:

    Free androgen index of 5.4 (Normal 24-104)
    testosterone 3.8 nmol/L (Normal 7.6-31.4)
    Sex Hormone Binding Globulin 70nmol/L (Normal 16-55)

    I'd love some advice. Should I run another PCT to try and kick start again? Or should I just wait it out. Sadly I'm in a country that's got some rather strict draconian laws making talking about this shit with a doctor a severe no-go/possible jail time. I'm due to get out of the country again in a few months, so I'll be able to see some proper medical advise without the fear of reprisals. In the meantime, I'd be keen to hear your advice.

    I'm a 40 year old male, 175cm, 84kg, 19%bf, and it was my first cycle and I made some awesome gains. So I'm doing my best to hold on to them! I went from 69kg at 15%bf up to 84 at 19%, and it was all made possible by diligently reading the experiences of this forum. Thanks to anyone who's able to offer advice.
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    IMO you should use hcg again
    in fact you shoulda have used HCG during the cycle

    250 IU for the first month, 500IU for the second one
    then get bloodwork again
    your testosterone should be at, or even above the upper limit of normal.
    Get estradiol bloodwork too.
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    Hey Master.on. Thanks for the advice. Do you think I should go for the 10 shots of 2000IU again? E3D?

    When you refer to using 250IU during the cycle, is that EOD?
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    I meant 250, 500 IU total per week
    split them as you wish
    at least twice a week, most preferably 3x
    daily is best.
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    Ok, sounds good I'll give it a crack.

    The good news is that although morning wood happens only occasionally, I'm still able to do the deed with the GF when we're in the mood. Which I actually find strange that I can still get hard with numbers so low.