Should I use a lifting belt?

Discussion in 'Powerlifting Forum' started by Kgkle, Jul 16, 2018.

  1. Kgkle

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    I looked this up online and tbh I’m still stuck in the middle.

    I’m maximizing out at 540 on my deadlifts. but I’ve always been told lifting belts will help you lift more is it true or should I just continue doing what I’m doing now?
  2. Demondosage

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    With that kind of weight I would use one. The belt can help a lot. On any set that is my final heaviest set I use mine, occasionally I'll ditch it for a bit so I'm not totally reliant on it, but I lift more with it. One thing I never got used to was those thicker powerlifting belts. I said fuck the norm and went with a more flexible belt thats Velcro. I know I'll get flamed for that, but in my mind it was at least SOME support, but not overkill
  3. Demondosage

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    Also, once the deadlift got to about 600 lbs for me I found that the only way to increase it was accessory work like weighted hyperextensions, band work, and kettlebell swings focusing on popping my hips throughout the entire movement. I'm guilty of not being consistent with the accessory work though, but it helps a lot if I stay committed to doing it
  4. Ironlord

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    Agreed... Rarely if ever use a belt. It will help you have something to brace against when you lift, which translates into more weight, but at your level, it's going to be all about tweaking technique and accessory work...
  5. Kgkle

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    Thanks guys I don’t think I’m convinced I might try one out for a bit if it does give me an edge I’ll use it on my max lifts! And yes I agree even getting here I’m progressing really fast ( 100 lb a year) but I still do all of my extras
  6. BigNattyDaddy

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    I used to wear belts back in the day when I would go heavy. Too old to go heavy now lol.
  7. Xlgx

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    Day yes to the belt. Especially on the heavier sets and more importantly if older like me :)
  8. Kgkle

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    I’m still young but I have never hurt my self going heavy and I do it quite regularly at least on deadlifts I know right off the get go if I’m going to get it or if I’m going to fail if I try to push past that. That’s when things get ugly
  9. Xlgx

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    Go with Wes silvera and John Pinder. Wear the belt :)
  10. Test_Subject

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    Absolutely. People think that they make your core weak, but that's just not true.

    I highly recommend the 13mm Inzer forever lever belt.
  11. Kgkle

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    I just haven’t used it because I haven’t needed too and Now if I do something different I’m worried I’m going to go to snap city
  12. For the people saying that a weight belt makes your core weaker here are some studies: [1], [2].

    I personally use it when I go heavy in all movements, sometimes even on the bench.
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  13. Kgkle

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    Yeah I don’t think it would make it weaker if you only used it on your max lifts but I have never used one still on the fence. considering im still gaining on my deadlifts I don’t think I’m going to add one yet maybe once I stall for a month then I’ll add it in.
  14. xSNIPERx

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    I beleave a belt is good for the heavy weight,like me I had a hernia when I was younger and now I use my belt lots for the support , I don't want that puppy to open up again holding 660lbs lol
    On the lighter weight I don't use it just to strengthen my core
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  15. Kgkle

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    From what I’ve read it supposed to make it worse for hernias because you push out on the belt for support ( more or less)