Should we be adding anything to our TRT

Discussion in 'Men's Health Forum' started by domino, Jan 3, 2014.

  1. domino

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    I have seen on other forums that some guys will add DHEA and other supplements to their TRT therapy routine. I have read both pro's and con's to it. Some say we should add these to our therapy because of the upstream of these hormones are needed and others say not if you want to increase Estrogen and acne.

    Do any of you add anything extra to your protocol? The only thing I do is fish oils and a daily multi vitamin and some creatine.
  2. If you feel good do not screw with it....
    When people start trying to tinker with too many variables they cause more problems.
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    I wouldn't even add the fish oil or multi vitamin anymore. Many major studies have shown they are worthless. The only thing I take is vitamin D3
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    As has been said....if it ain't broke don't fix it.The only times since starting TRT I haven't felt good has been when I was fucking with my protocol trying to "optimize" something. At the moment most days are good - very few aren't - why mess with that?
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    Thanks for the replies.... I am not going to add anything..

    I used to take D3 but was told to stop because it could cause some unwanted side affects with a right bundle blockage that I have developed. I guess I will stick with protein and maybe throw in some creatine.
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    Contra what pretty much everyone else said, I'm a fan of experimenting. That's how I got from "feeling lousy" to "feeling okay" to "feeling great". HANS would have stopped at okay.

    But do it right: one change at a time, and give it a few weeks (not days, not hours) to evaluate before making any more changes.
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    Well if you start out with a dog shit protocol then sure you're going to have to monkey around. Keep it simple and if you feel good....stop!
  8. If one is experimenting they better know what potential issues they may experienced. Optimizing for one person may be over kill for another. One size does not fit all unfortunately.