Shoulder tear

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    So I think I fucked up my shoulder the other day. Not sure if it is torn or just strained. The fucked thing is most of my work is over head. It's my right shoulder and it hurts to do my work. I am going to stop doing the gym until it heals up. I am hoping to work through it, doctor said I should let it rest 4-6 weeks. There is no way I can take that much time off work. Bummed out. Any of you guys have experience with shoulder injury?
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    You've got it backwards ;)

    Maybe try some peptides and gh?
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    IME injuries effect me more mentally than physically, just be glad it wasn't your back then you'd be completely out the gym. Train some legs
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    His main point is that his job is mostly working over his head, which requires him raising his shoulders and he can’t afford to miss 4-6 weeks of work.
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    I know I'm just saying being able to go to the gym and do something is better than nothing (for your head at least)
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    You need to get yourself a magical demon god like this punk kid had...
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    An MRI will be the only way to know the damage. If it doesn’t feel slightly better in a couple weeks probably would be a good idea to get the scan.
    I’ve had issue with both shoulders a few times and I always continue to push through my physical work and still trained.
    Pain was so bad on my recent injury that I couldn’t flat bench bar weight so I did lightweight dumbbells for high reps and modified any exercise that caused pain. Also added in a few exercises to help strengthen the shoulder.
    Took 4-5 months to fully heal but never missed a day of work or training due to the pain.
    I also used GH the whole time.
    I feel it’s best to keep things moving.
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    NPP + EQ at low dose + GH healed my injuries up pretty well. Definitely take 2 weeks off and when you go back just do legs 3x a week. If you use shoulder for work then pray nightly to your chosen god and use aspirin or ibuprofen which ever you prefer. I fucked a back muscle and it took 4 months to heal with this protocol. I've gone light weight more reps at this age after that last injury.
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    No advice from me as I've never had a shoulder injury. Good luck with it man. I'm always rooting for a solid comeback!!
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    I heard tb500 can help with healing never used it so don't honestly know but in this case can't hurt to try
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    Check and see if there are any facilities doing platelet rich plasma injections near you. Insurance doesn't cover it yet, but I think it will be in the coming years.
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    Just coming back from a shoulder injury bench pressing. Most likely comes from technique issues.
    Research all you can on internet for posterior shoulder girdle strengthening. Ive done a lot of P.T (not bro science rehab) also Y's W's Halberts etc. Done a lot of stretching,ice, massage etc. Took 4 weeks off the bench totally (push ups only) . Funny thing is shoulder got louder (crepitus etc.) as the pain got better. Just started back on bench. Triples for about 5 working sets up to 185 lbs ( Im a 320 raw/400 shirted presser). The weight is totally ego defeating but I am refining my technique at these low weights and can really tell the difference. Elite fts, you tube, etc are your friends. Learn as much about the shoulder as you can along with proper bench technique to minimize improper shoulder involvement. Ok to do militaries but keep on the VERY light side. 200mg Trt weekly for fwiw.. no "healing" supplements.
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    Cortisone shots
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    Sorry to hear about your shoulder bro.
    I have injured my shoulder so many tines , not just in the gym but more so skateboarding, snowboarding and mountain biking. I don’t do barbell shoulder presses anymore and I utilize the smith machine for upright rows.

    Honestly don’t overthink it unless the pain in unbearable. I would completely stay away from ALL upper body movements for a few weeks. This kind of shit happens all the time. You more then likely don’t need anything more then rest and some ibuprofen. Give it a few weeks and re access.
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    Thanks for all the responses guys! I am feeling a lot better about it now. Still in a lot of pain, told my boss about the injury and he told me to take it easy on it until it heals. So I am going to delegate most of the over head stuff to some of the other guys on the crew. Going to give it a couple weeks and reassess. Hopefully it will heal up in that time frame, fingers crossed
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