Shoulder Tendonitis on cycle??

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Wheetees, Mar 23, 2016.

  1. Wheetees

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    Hey guys, I think the increased training intensity of being on cycle is making my Tendonitis I once had in my shoulder flare up again. It's not in full effect but I can feel it a little. I plan on taking this week off as I am only on week 3. This is my first cycle 500mg wk test cyp only. Was wondering if anyone on here has a remedy.

  2. Thenewera

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    You've made the smartest decision.
    Be sure to slowly move up in weight. Instead of going heavier every week.. Maybe say you notice you're stronger week 4.. Well.. Instead of jumping straight up.. Make the reps of the same weight harder - (negatives, pauses, ect) - then maybe on week 5 go up a small bit and repeat. My .02

    Definitely take a week off. Still squat though!
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  3. Wheetees

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    Thanks man. That's a really good point.
  4. Devika

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    Newera had Very good advice.
    Some antiflamatory pills could help you, but rest is the main thing, really.
    Docs may recommend cortisone shots, but try to stay away from those.
    Also always try to warm up your rotator cuff before you start lifting heavy. Stretching is also very important.
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  5. Wheetees

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    What's negative about cortisone? Because if it continues to bother me that was something I was thinking...
  6. Devika

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    It can make the cartilage soften and the tendons get weaker in the joint that is being treated.
    That's if you have repeated cornisone shots. A lot of times the relief is temporary and it flares up again. I had cortisone injections in my lower back and helped forr about a week. Then the pain came back.
  7. Yeabuddyron

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    Are you doing flat bench cuz i had to give that up for a couple years and switch to dumbells and id say its still only 80% healed but it only gives me pain periodically. Try inclines and more dumbells for a while.
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  8. Wheetees

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    yea flat bench. Till recently it has felt fine. But from time to time i tweak it. Ill definitely work some dumbells hopefully that will help too. thanks man.
  9. T_verde77

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    I know there's research that shows aas can make tendonitis worse. I have been fine for a long time and I just started a cycle..than bam my Arms are killing me. I think it has a lot to do with genetics also
  10. emcomfu

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    Warm up your rotators really well on chest and shoulder days. Start doing rotator cuff exercises as well. Really helped me.
  11. Ozzy619

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    This is the best advice
  12. For tendinosis: Ice, myofascial release therapy, and eccentric training for rehabilitation purposes.
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  13. Dr JIM

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    See your Doc and obtain a FORMAL diagnosis, during the interim Google
    Shoulder Impingement Syndrome.

    The Wiki information would be a good start.
  14. JokerTime94

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    I know your pain. Had that shit every time on cycle half way through.

    Since then I stopped:
    Flat bench
    Going up in weight every other week for a max of 2.5-5kg (depending on exercise) if I can do the reps with 3 Sek rest on top and bottom and 3 Sek between
    And alot of massage and rotator cuff work. I can't tell you what helps especially but since I followed these rules I don't get it as much. Maybe 2-3x per year.

    And even if your doing 12-13 week cycle or longer do a Delgado every 6-8 weeks
  15. 100% agree.
  16. Big_paul

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    Give shoulders a few weeks off unless it is a specific movement that is the problem.