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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Big_poppa_Bren, Feb 13, 2016.

  1. Big_poppa_Bren

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    Hey everyone, after a cold winter today I have dragged my bike out of storage, treated her to a new battery, oil and filter, coolant, Chain tension (ran out of lube so ordered some)... And a wash. Show us your bikes or Cars

    This is my toy..... But also my pride and joy (after my children and biceps of course) ;)

    For the Feds viewing, I don't feel the need to blank out my reg. I live in the UK. There's also nothing in my property except AAS solely for personal use :)

    image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg
  2. _trapical

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  3. Dont know much about bikes but damn that is sexy bro
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  4. CdnGuy

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    Chicks dig it :D:oops:
  5. tenpoundsleft

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    OP, having your plate number on display is probably not wise.

    Cool bike though.
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  6. NovaFlex

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    Needs a bath after all the salt this winter... Was so cold today that the spray mixture for vinyl froze before I could finish applying the second one.

    Bought a lot of aftermarket shit online but need to wait for spring

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  7. douchebag

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    IMG_0295.JPG my 69 .i had it for 20 years now . actually built it for someone back in 95 and bought it after owner left it outside and lost interest .due for another makeover but its still a clean driver besides damage done by hitting deer !haha
  8. douchebag

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    my 13 road king . IMG_0298.JPG
  9. NovaFlex

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    god damn that ss is beautiful.

    I'd love to get my hands on a first gen stang, personally.

    wish i had the pictures of my uncle's 72 nova he built. it won so many shows.
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  10. RodgerThat

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    My 86 elcamino
    It's no hot rod or sports bike but it's a beauty hog 76 Ford 250 camper special
    And my 05 ex500
  11. Andyboro

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    2015-06-06 17.57.33.jpg

    This is Meg.. not the fastest car in the world, but corners like nothing I've ever driven before and comes with a free perma-grin!
  12. lucabratzi

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  13. lucabratzi

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    image.jpeg image.jpeg

    Maserati gt-mc
    Benz s550

    I sold the Benz cause honestly I think they're shit made. Kept having engine and electrical problems. Replaced it w a Durango as a daily driver

    The maseratic is the weekend car. It's either going 0 or 120mph.
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  15. jaymaximus

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  16. douchebag

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    nice pad and beautiful car. just the picture made me happy seeing palm trees cause I'm goin to the gym and its fuckin 4 degrees outside !!!!!!
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  17. Sabian

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    That Maserati Gt is a sweet looking ride;)
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  18. lucabratzi

    lucabratzi Member Supporter

    Thanks bro. I don't miss cold days up north. Coldest it gets here is high 40's at night. Which I like cause I can wear sweat pants and sweaters
  19. NovaFlex

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    fucking rich people @lucabratzi hahaha. nice stuff bro.
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  20. Prairie Boy

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    My truck and a shovel basket I'm gonna redo.those fucking bars tho lol IMG-20130825-00102.jpg 20150317_101122.jpg

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