Shrinking testicles: An effect of TRT?

Discussion in 'Men's Health Forum' started by bafriend, Nov 9, 2005.

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    bafriend Junior Member

    I've been on Testim gel (50 mg 1 X daily) for one month. Over the past 10 days, I've noticed a marked decrease in the size of my balls.:mad: Not only have my balls decreased in size, but they're hanging high and tight in my sack, whereas before they were normal size, low hangers.

    Has anyone else had this kind of a response to TRT? :confused:

    Does it resolve over time -- will my balls return to normal size?:confused:

    What can I do to reverse this situation now?:confused:
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    mranak Junior Member

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    earthdog Junior Member

    1. Yes

    2. No

    3. What mranak said. See the sticky, "TRT: A Recipe for Success", above. It covers this issue in detail.
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    prot Junior Member

    I don't want to be glib but this whole issue of testicle size seems somewhat contrived. I notice only that my testicles "seem " to vary in size based on no particular dosage of test. In other words I find the sac volume, placement, size, etc have no relationship to anything but there are just natural variations. The emphasis on this by anti steroid gurus has led everyone to accept it without any scientific proof. Who actually is able to measure testicular size in a way that is not subjective? Does any variation actually effect ejaculate volume or sperm content or motility?

    If you have any scientific data related to actual test usage and medical problems related to testicular shrinkage please share them. I personally do not care how big my balls are as long as my penis is functional but I do not desire children and have a vasectomy anyway.
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    HeadDoc Psychologist; Super Moderator

    actually direct measurement is possible. The doc uses an orchidometer. He or she hold the balls of different sizes in one hand and feels yours in the other. They then record this comparative size for further observation. I've had this done twice by a doc doing antiaging med and another time by a urologist.
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    prot Junior Member

    and thats my point

    very few have this done and are instead relying on their own subjective measurements. And even this measurement seems very inexact in comparison to scientific measurement of any kind.
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    mxim Junior Member

    i've had it done as well.
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    prot Junior Member

    Would anyone buy precious stones from a person weighing them in such a manner? Or even a steak?
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    1cc Junior Member

    Are you proposing that they hold a steak in one hand and the nuts in the other. LOL ....just kidding.

    I agree, it's not very scientific, especially when there are so many other ways it can be done. Problem is that these ways would require more prolonged contact with the family jewels, which may be uncomfortable for all concerned. :eek:
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    Weatherlite Junior Member

    The best way is with an ultrasound. They can measure them with relative accuracy down to .1CM. However, cost and convenience is a factor.

    As far as Prot's comments that it's subjective...well yes it is. Some will just think that they are shrinking and will therefore feel like they are...even when they're not. Others actually do.

    Let's look at the facts. By getting exo T (no matter where it comes from) the brain receives feedback that you have enough so it slows/stops production of LH and FSH. Without these two your testicles stop responding to them and they then consequently shrink. That is a fact. Some folks are lucky and have balls that seem resistant to this. I can speak from experience that I had, what I considered, huge balls. I am a primary sufferer so I was producing excess LH and FSH making them larger than normal....they were measured at around 2" in size. After starting TRT they shrunk...slowly but surely. About 4 months after I started they were literally down to the size of medium grapes...less than one inch.

    Now then, after starting hcg they grew larger again. Had another measurement done (this time for a hernia and possible epididimitis) they measured at 1.5". So, HcG does cause them to grow and TRT CAN make them shrink due to the feedback mechanism.

    On a final note, yes they normally vary in size on a regular basis but remaining small is not normal.
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    bafriend Junior Member

    In response to the reply posts about the subjective evaluation of the size of one's balls pre- vs during-TRT, I would merely add that I know my balls pretty well. They definitely are smaller, much smaller during-TRT; they feel that way when I hold them and they look that way in the mirror. And too my sack is shrinking in size along with my balls. So it's got me really un-nerved. I'm not a steroid abuser -- have never even taken steroids. I'm on TRT because my levels are on the lowest end of the normal range and I haven't felt as well lately. In any case, I want to thank you guys for contributing your thoughts. I do appreciate it.
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    Weatherlite Junior Member

    bafriend, many have noticed that their sack will start to return to normal after starting hcg...along with their testicle size. My sack varies from day to day...sometimes hanging loose and other times it's tight. Once you get on HcG things will get noticibly better.
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    mranak Junior Member

    For many guys, their testicals shrink to the size of raisins. You don't need any special instruments or anything like that to prove this. It is grossly obvious, well established, observed by thousands of physians that put their patients on TRT without hcg, etc.
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    Ophelia Hardin

    Ophelia Hardin Junior Member

    Out of curiosity, how long does it take for your testicles to grow back to normal after starting hcg at 250IU/day?
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    hackskii Member

    I got this really bad 10 months of test cream.
    My nuts were the size of almonds out side the shell:eek:

    I went off and did a course of pct and they bounced back full size.

    hcg during will help alot.
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    dano79 Junior Member

    What is pct?

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