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  1. SmallWoody

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    So, I have a few stacks in bitcoin. I shuffled most of them through multiple wallets for better anonymity. The thing is... I don't want to cash out with an app-BROKER and get watched. I was thinking about using bitcoin atm with a $2,000 Limit with a phone verification. Would it work if I just got burner phones and kept withdrawing? I dont don't want to use my ID or bank account. Big brother should keep his nose out of my shit. I do have an offshore bank account to send the coins to, that would be my last option.
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    Subbed. I would think using plenty of dark wallets and using burner phones should be sufficient but I’m not sure.
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    Subbed, I'm also very interested in this topic.
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    Follow the money. Id also like to know, keeps sums how small? If they want you, they can get get you
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    Yeah, but how would they find me? Not like I'm using the same number and wallet. I'd most likely look like a first time withdrawal user on their system. And obviously those burner phones I'd use cash. I won't use the same atm twice. I can always open a business in another country with almost no effort and get a debit card attached to that account and deposit all my coins into the account and just use the card in the states for purchases
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    I just have that big brother drone paranoia is all.
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    Me too, those would be my 2 options that I believe would work. Wondering if anyone has a better idea tho.