Silk Road 2.0 Hack/Theft of $2.7 in BitCoin

Discussion in 'Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency' started by Gape Van Damme, Feb 14, 2014.

  1. I am a proponent of the Deep Web/TOR, however, this situation goes to show you that cryptocurrency and anonymity networks are still susceptible to in-house theft and hacking.


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  2. Big_paul

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    is that 2.7 million? thats going to screw things up a bit?
  3. Holl

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    Sorry but too Mission Impossibly for me. Give me a solid guy who answers all his emails, delivers when and what he says and forget trying to triangulate 7 connections across 5 continents, encrypted with 3 levels..blah blah.

    Sorry but we are buying steroids not weapons grade plutonium.
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  4. Millard Baker

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    Steroid dealers may be the ones most concerned about these protections although some steroid consumers have a lot to lose as well and benefit too.

    Yeah, selling steroids isn't weapons grade plutonium but its enough for the POTUS to put a steroid dealer on the Kingpin list, enough for DEA to spend tens of millions of dollars to travel to foreign countries to set up/arrest/extradite steroid dealers and enough for INTERPOL to put steroid dealers on their most wanted list.

    It all sounds silly. But being a steroid dealer is not without its occupational hazards.
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  5. mands

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    Rumor has it they found the persons responsible. Owner is going to try and pay back all bitcoins stolen and do without escrow for the Vendors.

    Escrow for consumers is ideal. For the Vendors not so much.

  6. Big_paul

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    hell all we want to do is look good. its a modern day witch hunt witch hunt.