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    Running 10w of sust250 at 400mg a week what kinda pct should I be looking at ,or something I should take along with sust250 to prevent neg side effects.?have not found any threads with someone running with just this one kind of gear so wondering what I'll need the most to avoid losing gains and having bad side effects like gyno and such I've read alot and still unsure .also I'm still researching and leaning so if you guys could bare with me I'd appreciate .having blood work done before I start anything I just want every thing in place before hand any suggestions thanks for taking time to read my post
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    I suggest you don't use sustanon for your first cycle. It will make pct overly complicated.

    I know you're green and still learning... But keep reading, you've got a ways to go before the info comes together.
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    Ostracise the notion it’s possible to maintain SKM gains once the anabolic stimulus is removed : it is NOT!


    While some are more overt such as gynecomastia, balding, or bloat, and others covert such as; cardiac disease, erythrocytosis, and sexual dysfunction, understand and try to appreciate the fact ALL AAS related adverse effects are BAD!


    Baseline labs are a critical component of risk reduction.


    There are no guarantees with respect to HTPA recovery!

    Good luck

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    What would be the recommended first cycle .test e,test c???
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    Thanks I realize that the side effects are all not good should have worded that different life threating ones are the onesoid like to avoid the most .ty for taking time to answer
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    Yes, now tell me why those are better options than sustanon.
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    I was think more stable blood levels with the test e ,or c .and a longer wait time for starting pct with sust I'm asking because I've had ten people tell me sust is great for first cycle and ten people tell me run just test e .I'm trying to do the least complicated pct due to it being my first cycle maybe you could fill me in why it would be a yes for test e,c not looking to be spoon feed info but a opinion on the subject there is a ton of older threads with no definitive suggestions it just kind of goes back and forth between the two
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    You're definitely on the right track!

    Since sust is a blend of different esters, you're right about stable blood levels... First cycle is easier to manage with more stable bloods. It's good you understand that because you are getting a feel for esters.

    Secondly, it'll be a bitch to pull mid cycle bloods on sust because of those fluctuating levels.

    Third, it is often unpleasant to pin and you would need to pin a little bit more often as compared to cyp or enanthate.. less pinning for first cycle is better, and a milder compound is better because of pip in virgin muscle.

    Lastly, and probably most important, it'll complicate PCT timing because there are some long esters in sust... Cyp and enanthate are more straight forward with PCT timing.
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