Simple question about how to stop the shutdown of testosterone

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    Hello guys

    Wanted to ask a question to see what all of you guys think.

    There is a lot of peoples here doing an oral cycle only without any injection and they all have the same problem after some week, that the testosterone is going down and down because they arent using inject of testo.

    Here the question who are touching only people who want and are doing oral cycle only.

    Is it possible to stop the shutdown of the testosterone by taking a pct oral at the same times ? Like taking some clomid or something else to touch the axe and try to make the testo not shutdown ?

    Impatient to see your answer and wish you a good read !

    Have a good day
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    clomid is hard on a lot of peoples body's u wouldn't want to use it for a extended period oral only cycles are a bad idea if someone can't inject themselves they aren't ready for the comitment an or consequences this lifestyle will have on there body
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    Hello thank you to answer !
    We arent talking if its bad or good idea to do an oral only cycle but if its possible to yes or no stop this shutdown by using something during the cycle.

    There is ton of people who done oral cycle only anf got satisfaction about it.
    There is different peoples with different goal a d i respect their idea.
  4. Youre asking for something to perform a task that is counterproductive due to the two separate and opposing signals that would undeniably occur. It's like trying to create electricity and stop it at the same time. You're question is a push-me pull-you type question.

    Perhaps Jim or Scally can provide a better explanation, but that's my understanding and how i interpret it.
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    No the orals will shut you down an the clomid will try to start you up but as long as the orals are in your system it will shut u down when we inject test it doesn't start our test it replaces what's missing he right about creating electricy its like repeatedly flicking the light switch on an off an it would bring a host of other side effects from other drugs but that's my 2 cents hopefully Dr Jim or somebody else will pop in thats more knowledgeable on this situation
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    Thank you for the answer, yes i would like explanation and if this is possible to stop this shutdown without injection ?
  7. The one surefire way to avoid shutdown? Don't use steroids.

    Any exogenous hormone that you use is going to cause some degree of suppression.
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  8. You can take hcg to have your balls continue to produce T, it’ll still suppress lh/fsh but they’ll already be low because of the roids. I’m guessing that this isn’t a very winsome proposition as an oral only cycle would likely indicate trepidation at the prospect of poking yourself.
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    You can't. There are multiple negative feedback systems with the hypothalamus et al. One is estradiol, which is what a SERM or AI would address. But the other is to androgens themselves. That is why non-aromatizing steriods still shut natural production down.
  10. The answer is still no, regardless of how many times you ask.
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    Taking 240mg minimum of testo caps can help to control this shutdown in a way i guess this is at least possible by logic.
    What do you think ?
  12. If enough gets into the bloodstream, it will cause suppression to some extent. Of course, no one uses that crap because it's expensive and nowhere near as affective as IM injections, so you're pretty much on your own to find this answer out with your own first hand experience.
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  13. If you really don’t want to use a needle why not use something like androgel, works better than the caps
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    Was on turinabol for 7 and a half weeks(added var for 4 weeks); got my bloodwork done I wasn't fully shutdown. 78% suppression though; but LH and FSH were basically at my natty baseline.
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    How do you prevent shutdown?

    Build the wall...
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    now that was funny lol.