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    Hi, I’m posting this as a representative of simplysteds[dot]com. We have been private source operating locally for well over 10 years until recently in March 2018 where we have expanded our services online as an international reseller for anabolic gear. Our goal is to provide you with a simple hassle-free experience for your anabolic purchases. We offer legit products and we are always expanding our range. We understand that for many of you we are a brand-new source and you may have not come across us before, therefore we are happy to answer any questions you may have. We pride ourselves on quality customer service and a friendly after sales experience
    For any questions, please contact us at:

    Site: simplysteds[dot]com

    PAYMENT [Pay by card, Bitcoin, Western Union/Moneygram]
    Circle pay is our preferred method. We do NOT accept card payments directly on our site.

    Pay by Card (Circle Pay): By selecting this method at checkout, we will request payment through ‘Circle Pay’. We may pause this method of payment from time to time.

    You will need to contact us directly if you wish to make a payment via bank transfer.

    Bitcoin/Altcoins: We only accept bitcoin through our site. Please contact us directly if you would like to pay using any other altcoins.

    Western Union / Moneygram

    Sales invoice will be sent to your email.

    All orders are sent in discreet packaging and products are inspected beforehand.
    We pride ourselves on a 100% shipping completion rate. Our team is experienced in packaging and distribution of large orders and customers. You can be assured every order will land at your doorstep safe and secure. We aim to dispatch orders within 24 hours of payment confirmation.
    We offer worldwide shipping delivered straight from the EU. Your order will typically arrive anywhere within 5-16 days depending on your location.
    Shipping costs
    USA: $20 Typically arrives [7-10 days]
    Europe: $20 [5-8 days]
    Everywhere else: $25

    If we do not meet the ETA, we will offer you free delivery on your next order.
    In the rare event your order is stopped by customs, we will reship free of charge.

    We offer free shipping on orders over $200

    We have a selection of products on offer and are expanding every day. We work with labs we trust and are continuously working to improve on the products we have on offer. Product pictures are up on the site. We urge customers to leave their feedback on the products and would also appreciate if you could share your experience you have with them right here in this forum.

    We now offer the opportunity for users to earn money on referrals they bring to our store using a unique coupon code or referral link. You can then use the funds earned to spend as credit in our online store. We are announcing crypto payments to affiliates sometime in the coming months. We will also be looking to introduce cash payments to affiliates in the near future. Let us know if this is something you would be interested in.

    Affiliates will earn 10% of revenue on each sale they convert through their unique coupon code or affiliate link. You cannot earn commission on your own orders using your link/coupon. Funds are added after the order has been verified. You can then move the funds to your wallet which you can spend on our site. (crypto payments available soon)

    We are experimenting with the percentages, so this can change in the future. Would appreciate any feedback on this feature. If you would like to know more about this program, just leave a reply to this post.

    All personal info is erased after confirmation of delivery.

    July 2018: Release crypto payments for affiliates
    Q3/4 2018: Launch own gear in the coming months. more info on this will be available soon.

    We work with our customers to continuously improve our service. We want to discuss your purchase before and after payment to ensure we meet your expectations. We aim to retain customers for life. If i have missed out on anything or you have any questions, please ask here in this thread.

    Exclusive 10% off discount for MESO RX members.
    Use code ‘MESO’ at checkout

    site: simplysteds[dot]com

    Mandatory pic;)


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    What are you selling? Sorry if i missed it.
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    We are a reseller of top quality anabolic gear :)
  5. Awww. Too bad it isn't Friday. You we're pretty close though. Best of luck next time.
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    Just signed up for the affiliate program. How long to get my code?
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    Please refresh
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    Pay day is tomorrow, I'd say we're right on time ;)
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    fake fucking handle right here. GTFO

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    @simplysteds from what i can tell, you sell excel pharma. Why wouldnt someone just go to their site and save the upcharge you clearly put on their vials? Also from what i can tell from the few minutes of searching i have done, excel is shit and underdosed or selling winny as var.
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    Apparently it's not just handles that are fake...
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    Let's watch as this thread fades into the nothingness
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    We do not sell Excel Pharma's Athenavar. Or any other fake gear for that matter.

    We do offer Excel's other products because they are an affordable option for many of our customers. We have not come across any negative lab results for them and have had positive feedback so far. If you are aware of any negative lab results please link them and we would consider removing those products from our store.
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    Kind of like your gains?
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    Always a good business move to insult potential clients.
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    If you can't take a little joke #youretotallyonthewrongforum
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