Single-Dose Vials?

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    Gents, Please impart your Wisdom...
    After some light reading, I'm seeing that a popular pharma company manufacturing HGH label some of there vials as single-dose vials(SDV) and others as multiple-dose vial(MDV). The SDV's are supposedly only good for a single injection because they lack an anti-microbial preservative whereas the MDV's have it.

    Does anyone have any knowledge on the SDV vs. MDV. Is this just some safety propeganda these companies developed to avoid disease spread & cover their liability. Curious if anyone has used the SDV more than once, since I'm gathering that a SDV can have as much as 12-18iu in it.. ( i understand it was developed for terminally sick people to inject once every other day etc)..
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    How many ml is a SDV?

    You can add some benzyl alcohol (to 1% final concentration) to preserve it.
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    Interesting thanks...One single dose vial can be a 4,5, or 6mg vial..the 6mg vial is apparently 18iu.. if that helps..I’m not very keen to the math side of things yet
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    Don’t just ad BA, filter the BA added.
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    If you are referring to Serostim, then this is because the 4mg comes with bac water(ie multi dose) and the 5mg and 6mg come with a sterile solution made for 1 time use(ie a patient takes a whole vial a day). You can just use bac water in the 5mg or 6mg vials no problem. Just toss the water that comes with the kits.
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    As mentioned above, if you have a vial that says it sdv and you’re going to use it as a mdv, just reconstitute with bac water not sterile water.

    The bac water has ba in it which prevents forming of microorganisms, whereas sterile water has no ba
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    thanks for simplifying that out Sir i was having trouble with a few of the abbreviations.. appreciate it
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