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    thought I better document my first experience here. I’ll post some stats and I will be getting midcycle blood work done. I have precycle blood work done too. I’m one week into a 15 week blast and will be cruising after that. At 40 the BnC method is the way to go for me as fertility is a non-issue. Anyways it’s a simple 500mg/week test e cycle. I have an AI on hand but will most likely wait for any sides to appear before using.
    Starting stats
    5’10” 220lbs. Prob a little fluffy but not obese or dad-bod fat. I transitioned from bro-splits to 5/3/1 powerlifting style and that packed on decent size in the last 1.5 years
    S/b/d. 355/260/425
    Really looking to push these as I have aspirations to compete in masters strongman next year.

    Test levels pre-cycle
    Total test 9.7 range 8.4-28.8
    Free test 231 range 196-636
    Only other thing of note is my cholesterol levels were elevated and with my doc over the last 3 months I have brought them down from high to pretty much normal. But I will be watching that closely throughout.

    Final thought: one week in and it’s most likely placebo but I have hit 2 PRs this week while working a shit ton of hours with less sleep than optimal. I also feel somewhat refreshed everyday. If it’s not placebo then it could be just bringing my levels from low to a normal range in the first week.
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    Just because it’s the placebo affect doesn’t mean the PRs aren’t real! Good luck with your first go and on the path to strongman.
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    Hell yeah. If you're able , try to pick a comp you want to do and figure out what events they'll have as soon as possible. Barbell training definitely helps but with some things there's no way to get ready besides practicing, like stones or yokes. Check out the strongman thread, it needs a serious revival and some new contributors would help!
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    For sure . I also belong to a powerlifting strongman gym so I have exposure some implements. The Canadian season is over for the year but I’m eyeing up some comps in the Midwest next spring.

    3rd pin in and feeling ok. No sides yet. Hit an overhead press workout last night and set another PR. That’s 3 consectective PRs in 3 workouts. I worked 5 12 hour shifts this week on top of that plus working all weekend. This stuff is legit . For me I’m thinking just the fact of elevating my levels out of the shitter is enough to start seeing progress let alone in another week when my levels are high. Gained maybe 2lbs but I’ve also been stuffing myself with steel cut oats everyday with whole milk.
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    4th pin done today. So far no sides appearing. I’ll be making a dr appt prob next week to discuss getting blood work. I’ll be keeping an eye out for sides and when to start my AI. But I’ve set 5 consecutive PRs in my workouts. My AMRAP sets feel good. Weighed myself this morning up 8lbs since starting, up to 228 first thing in morning. Checked my BP today too sitting at 130/83 which is pretty normal for me. This week I’ll be adding in one strongman workout a week too.
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    Yes, you'll have to really bring up those base numbers for strongman. And there's really no carryover in strongman from the bench so...

    I'm aiming for the online qualifiers for the original strongman games masters next year... I missed it this year - forgot what time of year they posted the lifts you need to submit lol...

    You're really going to have to practice stones, all kinds of carries (farmers, kegs, odd shape objects)... Really start working the OHP... A strong squat and dead are good, but I'd definitely try and bring those up ..

    Join the starting strongman FB page... Youll see what the level of competition is like, plus you can find comps etc.

    Canadian huh? Maybe I'll see you in a comp :D
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    Ya my numbers are fairly low for strongman right now but I’m
    hoping by spring I can at least hang in the same division. I have access to a yoke , farmers some kegs, tires and some stones both natural and the hybrid mold type. My programming right now is basically 4 days of 5/3/1 and one event day. I know I should ditch the bench day but I can’t bring myself to yet. But I don’t do much flat bench volume . Ive added in incline benching to help with the press movements. Farmers are prob my weakest right now mainly from lack of exposure. At my house I have a 700lb tire and a 240lb Stone to play with those days I can’t get to the strongman gym. My other problem is with picking a weight class. The masters here as you know is +\- 220lbs so I’m right on the fence. Prob too small for a HW and too fat right now for LW lol. Just goina see how this Blast goes I guess. My first comp I might try a novice one in the states to get my feet wet.
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    Ya it’s a goal I have to hit a 315 bench for no other reason than I think it’s awesome. My estimated right now is 287. My last testing day I did 260 that was prob 2-3 months ago. I remember not having a good setup so I know I left pounds on the table
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    End of week 2. Pin week 3 tomorrow. End of my training week today too. Another AMRAP PR in squats this time. Then hit 90% for 5 sets of triples. Pretty happy so far. So at the end of this training week my new calculated maxes are Sq 370 B 287 D 456 and OHP 185. Strict no push. Weight sitting just under 230. Hovering between 227-232. Up from 220 at the start. My biggest question going into week 3 is about starting AI. Up to now I’ve had 0 sides that I can feel or see. Only thing I’m watching is my BP which was a little high yesterday . And my face has been occasionally flushed and red. Not sure if these are signs of high e I should be wary of or wait for the itchy nips.
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    Week 3 started. Pinned sat. No issues . Even easier to pin this time. Pip getting less and less as I get more comfortable with doing it . Deadlifts today. Another workout, another rep PR. 415 for 4. No straps. I’m going to try for 450 for a single before the year ends . Wanting to hit 500 early next year. Still no sides showing yet. So I’ll hold off on AI for now.
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    Pin 6 today after the gym. Bench day. Didn’t hit a new calculated max but did get a new 5rm of 240. Then added weight to all the accessories. Dips+50 and 170incline press 5x5 but decided AMRAP the last one and got 10. Weight holding at 228-232 throughout the day. Today appetite is way up I feel like eating everything I can see. I was a little down on not gaining much weight this week then my wife reminded me my goal is to try and stay around 220-231 for comps next year. Would be nice to gain some quality muscle and cut to 220 in spring. See how it plays out. Thinking I should be adding in the AI soon but worried about tanking myself if I have no sides yet?
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    Week 4 started Saturday. No issues apart from a little muscle soreness the next day where I Pinned but goes away within a day. Weight moving again . Added 2lbs this week so now sitting at 230 (first thing in AM no clothes) up from 220 pre-cycle. Lifts all still moving up. Hit squat pr of 335x4 and OHP pr of 160x6. Added a strongman day . Finished that with 500lb yoke walk 40ft x2 and one arm db press. 95lb x1 each arm and top weight of 100lb x1 left arm. That ties my previous pr which isn’t bad since I haven’t tried this in almost 2 months. Still no noticeable water retention or E2 issues so I’m holding off on AI for now. Why add something else to the mix.