SIS Laboratories Anavar - HPLC-UV - 2017-09 - SIMEC via

Discussion in 'Steroid Lab Testing' started by, Dec 14, 2017.

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  2. ickyrica

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    Way to work! Thanks for the testing : )
  3. mands

    mands Member Supporter

    This is not good IMO. This could be a potential issue for lady customers.

  4. Johnny442

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    I was thinking the same mands. Why is it so hard for these labs to at the very least get dosage close?
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  5. mands

    mands Member Supporter

    Just laziness for the most part and guessing the purity of the raws they are receiving. IDK it's frustrating.

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  6. Naugahyde

    Naugahyde Member

    This lab is popular in the UK, has a pretty good rep for quality/accurately dosed oils - but not for its orals. Odd discrepancy...
  7. Den84

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    I can confirm. In the forum ukmuscle, many people says that the orals line sis lab are totally bunk.. this is strange
  8. janoshik

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    1. It's hard to get consistent dosage with pills. It's simply complicated and requires a lot of trying and testing, unless a protocol is already available.

    2. Oxandrolone raw is also rarely provided milled, compared to other orals.

    3. Also, testing oxandrolone reliably was never a strong point on SIMECs side.

    It's also frustrating when you are trying to pass uneducated guessing on your side as a fact.
    See above.
  9. stone988

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    A smart thing for any female is to spend the extra money and buy only US Pharma Var. See your local dealer.
  10. janoshik

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    A smart thing for anybody is to titrate the dose anyway.
  11. stone988

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    Ive seen women freak out from one pill lol "OMG im retaining water already" OMG I think my clit got bigger" lol
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  12. mands

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    Is dosing pills just as hard as you lying about testing products and giving false analyses on those products?

    Like I said laziness. Sound familiar.

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  13. janoshik

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    Is admitting you know jack shit about something that much harder than ad hominems?

    You must really have fragile ego - you ought to run for your circlejerk to support you.
  14. mands

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    No need, I know plenty! Have had to spoon feed you a few times.

    I can handle cheats like you myself. No need for anyone to help.

    Go run along. Don't you have some fake test to distribute out over at Professional Muscle.

  15. janoshik

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    And nah, I only send out those to people who are obviously clueless.

    Wouldn't dare doing that to anybody with half a brain.