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  1. SIS Laboratories Testanon 400 was determined to have an actual content of 0 mg/ml testosterone acetate, 47.2 mg/ml testosterone propionate, 46.2 mg/ml testosterone phenylpropionate, 48.8 mg/ml testosterone cypionate and 90.3 mg/ml testosterone decanoate compared to a label claim of 20, 30, 120 and 200 mg/ml, respectively.

    No microbiological contamination was detected.

    Steroid analytics courtesy of SIS Laboratories Testanon 400 Lab Test Results - Anabolic Lab

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  2. rugerjitsu

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    no bueno, sis...
  3. Eman

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    This doesn't add up to 400, is the acetate supposed to make up the difference?
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  4. tengtren

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    Alright how common does everyone think it is for labs to underdose As hard as sis has with this testafukanon?
  5. Thaistick

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    But their labels and boxes are so pretty! This test must be the result of a vast left wing conspiracy.
  6. Millard Baker

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    It should have been 20, 30, 30, 120 and 200
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  7. MythotiK

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    They've always been garbage
  8. janoshik

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    Seems like this could've been missed.

    Using random test esters ( " leftovers " ) in testosterone mix products is a common practice in my observation.
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    Thanks, the anaboliclab page has been updated to reflect the presence of testosterone enanthate as reported by SIMEC.
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