Six week cycle Tri Tren and Test E. Possibly Winstrol?

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by arronz, Mar 28, 2011.

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    arronz Junior Member

    Hey everyone and anyone.

    I have just started a six week cycle of Tri tren 450mg a week and Test E 500mg a week.

    My question is, I have Winstrol as well and have been advised to take it. The last time I used it, it really gave me joint ache.

    Would it be worth taking the Winstrol in a smaller dose say 20mg a day to help with the free roaming Test. Or should I just forget it considering I don't wont to compromise the extra strength I will have with joint pain?

    So far I haven't taken any because of this worry.

    Thanks in advance, any response would be appreciated.
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    someanddone Member

    6 week cycle with a tren-blend and test e??!!!??!!!

    Not even remotely well-thought out. In fact, not even poorly-thought out. Just thoughtless.
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    Bill Roberts

    Bill Roberts Steroid Forum Leader

    With a reasonably-correct frontload this could be a perfectly decent cycle.

    There is no important effect with regard to free T and Winstrol. Given your past experience, I wouldn't bother with Winstrol.

    I would advise against the Tri-tren in favor of using individual vials of either acetate or enanthate or both, but as you already have the material in hand, the Tri-Tren can be okay.

    What have your injections been already, since now the problem will be correcting lack of frontload, which has a different solution than figuring the correct frontload in the first place?
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    someanddone Member

    It seems that you force yourself to have an overly complicated cycle by running long esthers for a short cycle. Between frontloading and the unstable beginning levels, and the taper(or backloading if he chooses) and those unstable levels, it seems that planning would have to be perfect to achieve 6 weeks of consistent blood levels.

    Also, if the point is to run a 6 week cycle, then with long esthers, your 6 week cycle will be at least 8 weeks of shutdown time.

    All in all, there is a reason why short esthers are best for short cycles, and accordingly, long esthers are best used for longer cycles.
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    arronz Junior Member

    Thanks Bill

    I have taken 1ml of Tri tren and 1ml of the Test E, same syringe yesterday. I still have 19 shots of Tri Tren and 12 amps of Test E.

    Maybe i made the wrong choice with the Test E and Tri Tren..

    What would you suggest i do to correct it this. I was under the assumption that a short course was ok?
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    Bill Roberts

    Bill Roberts Steroid Forum Leader

    The short course can be fine. The issue is that when a cycle is long, it may be an acceptable loss of efficiency to fail to frontload and as a result have the first two or three weeks be weak, but in a short cycle that's too much of a loss. Levels should be high throughout the cycle.

    Where the Tri-tren poses a disadvantage is that fairly exact frontloading can only be done with single-ester products. But it can be approximated with blends.

    The Tri-Tren is a mix of 60 mg/mL each of the acetate, enanthate, and hexahydrobenzylcarbonate esters.

    As you've barely started the cycle, this makes things easier. Pretty much we can treat it as a simple frontload with part of the dose already taken, and some of it remaining to be taken now.

    The Tri-Tren would best be taken at least every other day due to its including the acetate ester. (If it were only the acetate, I'd really prefer every day.) So let's say the plan will be to take 0.75 mL every other day. (This will average slightly more than your 450 mg/week figure. If you want to be exact, then the value would be 0.71 mL every other day.)

    Let's use a half-life of 5 days for both the trenbolone enanthate and the hexahydrobenzylcarbonate. I don't know that that is exactly correct for either, but it's a reasonable guess.

    I'm going to neglect the fact that the acetate ester has a shorter half-life, because there's nothing we can do about it -- it can't be dosed separately because it's in the mixture. And as it is making up only 1/3 of the mixture, the error won't be huge, it won't be in the direction of underdosing, and the difference will clear rapidly.

    I am assuming your Tri-Tren is 180 mg/mL. If it is different, than the mL amounts below would need to be recomputed. (For example, if the concentration weren't 180 total mg/mL but 240 mg/mL, multiply everything by 180, then divide by 240.)

    If your dosing rate is 0.75 mL every other day, then on average you're taking 1.875 mL per 5 days.

    The correct frontload -- or about as correct as we can be, given that this is a mixture -- would then be 1.875 mL plus your usual ongoing dose of 0.75 mL. The total Day 1 frontload would be about 2.6 mL. The figure will be a slight overestimation because of the presence of the acetate ester, so rounding this down to 2.5 mL will be fine.

    You've already taken 1 mL.

    So another 1.5 mL of the Tri-Tren would be called for today.

    Then the ongoing 0.75, or 0.71 (whichever you like) dosing tomorrow, and every other day after that.

    The figures would be almost the same for the testosterone enanthate. I would make it another 1.5 mL of the testosterone enanthate today, and then move to about about 140-145 mg every other day if you are doing the injections with a large (3 mL) syringe. In that case it would be more convenient to combine the doses and have everything on the same schedule.

    Personally, I'd rather take them daily at half the dose per day, using an insulin syringe intramuscularly, but that's me.
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    arronz Junior Member

    Thanks for your advice Bill.

    I have just done what you said.

    I really appreciate you taking the time to comment on my post, I know you are highly respected on here.

    Thanks again.

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    Bill Roberts

    Bill Roberts Steroid Forum Leader

    You're very welcome!

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