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    What do you guys think, will slant label indicate counterfeit product on Pharma gear? Have you ever had good gear with not perfect label? Would this pass thru QC?
  2. This is the pictures forum. So, how about tossing up a pic of what you're referring to?
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    He painted a picture with his words :D
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    sounds too complicated
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    A picture is worth a 1000 words.
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    sorry guys, there we are
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  7. In my experience, no. The label is not an indicator of legit or bunk amps.

    Lots of Omnadren went through this body, back in the day.
    As i recall, some labels were perfect, others were way off.

    How much do you trust your source?
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    One way @Turkish Pharmacy explained to determine real or fake was to inspect the fine detail in the snake head on the G that makes up the trademark. The fine detail should be easily seen else it is quite possible to be a fake.
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    fine detail is there