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  1. For research purposes, I am seeking a source for sleep aids (Ambien, Lunestra, etc.). Powders OK. Please PM me if you know of a good source.
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    Just go to your doctor.
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    Ambien is cheap from the pharmacy. Tell your doc you can't sleep. Instant scrip.
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    Hit your head really hard, works for me
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    If your name has any resemblance to your lifestyle you should probably stay away from ambien.
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    Lol good call. Jeez
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  8. HAHA might be slamming that ambien in his jugular. OP why do you want ambien? It acts on some of the GABA receptor sites. Meaning you will have withdrawal when you quit. Try something like trazodone, quetiapine, or even diphenhydramine. However, I wouldn't recommend taking an anticholinergic drug like diphenhydramine for a long period of time, as there are studies linking it to dementia.
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    I’ve abused my fair share of benzos and ambien will most definitely fuck you up in a similar fashion. Ambien also can make you do some very bizarre shit, an example would be raiding the fridge in the middle of night while “sleeping”. I knew someone who once got in their car and drove around the block in their “sleep”.
  10. That's like Tiger Woods. I'm pretty sure he had taken Ambien when he was arrested for a DUI. I have heard zopiclone has similar effects like you mentioned and people have no recollection of it. Sleep eating, sleep driving, etc. It is definitely not a long term solution for good sleep hygiene.
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  11. Dude just jerk off and then drink it.
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    What about something natural like 5-htp?
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    Well not "natural" but not drugs lol
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    Melatonin 10mg works for me, and those other drugs do shit for me but turn me into a damn zombie.

    Any sort of benzo is asking for trouble.
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    You should just some good OG FUCK sleeping pills my dude that shits so bad for you
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    After years of doing everything from melatonin to benzos to the latest sleep supplement powders, I've found the true answer lies within diet, cardio, and stress levels. If you're starving your e gonna sleep like shit, if you're fat then you're gonna sleep like shit, too much gear and you're gonna sleep like shit because the nervous system is on overdrive. Drink alcohol? Yep, gonna sleep like shit too.

    Any form of sleep aid is a short term solution without getting to the route of the issue. Your health will deteriorate until you get back to the basics and sleep better without artificial means to do so. Just my opinion
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    Very good post. Even natural sleep aids like melatonin should be used only when necessary and not get dependent on them to get to sleep.
  18. I’d have sex in my sleep while taking Ambien. It’s very awkward waking up, you’re fiancé saying “this morning was fun” and having no fucking clue what they’re talking about. I also had a tendency cook.
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    I like a good indica. Knocks me out after a good cardio session with the gf.
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    Smoke some good ol
    Weed dooood