Sleep Issues (Imsomnia) Is this a commom side effect of HGH?

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  1. I'm on these Meditrope Black Tops @ 5iu nightly b4 bed. Ever since I've pinned this shit 1 week ago Ive had Insomnia, Crazy Dreams, Rolling Around in Bed etc.. It kinda feels like the sleep that you get when running a high dose of tren.

    Is this a common side effect of GH? Anyone else experienced this. the only other thing I can think of is that it might be some Tren still lingering in my system, but Ive been off Tren for almost 2 weeks now and I didnt even really have sleep issues when I was ON tren. Huh....

    Ive done my searching.. couldnt seem to find any solid info on this subject..

    @mands, you might not know me, but Ive learned a helluva lot from you over the years when doing my due diligence of reading. Maybe you could chime in..
  2. Gaynz39

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    Would like to hear some opinions myself. My sleep has definitely not gotten better compared to what everyone else says. If anything, it has gotten worse.
  3. Rick Kane

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    Maybe starting at 2ius/D and increasing dose every week would eliminate these sleep issues. Sleep on good gh is amazing.

    Starting off at 5ius is too high IMO.
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  4. I did just this. I reduced my dose from 5 to 3 ius and split shots into 1.5 in the AM and 1.5 b4 bed. I slept well last night.
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  5. Gaynz39

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    I call Bullshit
  6. Lol well I also took some melatonin last night but I did sleep well. You dont think reducing dosage until your body gets adjusted is logical?
  7. Morefyah

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    Yes very common! My sleep on hgh, BT to be specific is worse then being on Tren. No heartburn but painful CTS. I can’t sleep on my side or with my hand under the pillow or it goes numb.
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  8. Gaynz39

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    Dunno, didn’t do it like that. I started at 2iu for bout a week, and went straight to 4iu, and have stayed at 4iu. Fixing to bump to 5iu. 1iu am, Pharma, 4iu pm, Generic
  9. Good to know. Ill stay where Im at for a week and then bump it up again, little by little.

    Is it just CTS that makes your sleep bad or do you also get that restless feeling often associated with tren?
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    Man I haven’t been on GH since August and my thumb still gets numb. I was on 3-5iu for six months. Once it builds in your system lowering the dosage doesn’t do shit. You just have to ride it out. I can’t remember but I think @fodsod said he hasn’t been able to feel one of his toes for over year.
  11. Morefyah

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    Well having to sit up walk around shake my hands in the air 20 times through the night makes me a bit restless. Yes the CTS is the main issue but the frustration and insomnia go with it.
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  12. fodsod

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    Yep. The top half of my left big toe has been numb for most of this year. It's weird but totally related to GH as it happens every time just like the very painful CTS in my left thumb joint. If I'm off GH neither are present.
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    GH typically makes sleep much better.
  14. Demondosage

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    The sides from HGH are worse than almost any gear IMO.

    I stick to just 2iu a day now, not trying to grow off the shit, just look young and healthy and recover better
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  16. janoshik

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    Going up 0.5 - 1 iu per week until I reached target dose helped a lot with adjusting. went 2 to 10 ius.
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  17. NorthMich

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    Better sleep is a commonly mentioned hgh benefit, so it can’t be pure bullshit.

    Maybe *some* guys who stay at 2iu have the better sleep?
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    I’ve been at 2iu for nearly two months and my sleep has greatly improved. I no longer wake up throughout the night.
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  19. @ChestRockwell I was gonna PM you but Im gonna keep this out in the open so people may learn. Ive read alot of your articles. Good stuff BTW. Ive got a question..

    The tiredness associated with GH that I'm getting is almost unbareable. All I want to do is sleep all day. And when I do sleep its restless vivid dreamy sleep. Ive read that this is normal, but Id like your insight. This is my 2nd week on on GH now and Im only getting more tired. Is this common? Anyway to combat this? I know youre a busy man, but get back to me if you can.
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    I started out with 2 ius.. for two weeks jumped to 4 .. insomnia, whole arm went numb during sleep , fingers got swollen, I think I popped a blood vessel on my finger.. after being off for two months I still have no feeling in the finger.. feels numb .. I tried am injections pre work out injections split and I just gave up .. now I’m sleeping 6-7 hours .. I’ve tried melatonin NyQuil zzquill and didn’t work for me.. so next time I’m going to wait a month and jump 1iu each month..