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    When I have to wake up early for work, I am extremely restless. You would think the opposite would happen as it does most people, but I am sitting there bouncing my legs (rls) and almost breaking out into a cold sweat feeling like I am cracked out on too much caffeine (I don't consume any stimulants) this is not aas related and I do not take any medications. I am being monitored by the state if you know what I am and cannot take any type of substance. Any help? Atleadt some reasoning? It feels terrible, I use to feel this way after I'd drink a little in the middle of the day, when the buzz wore off, I'd get restless due to to the gaba activity in my brain going up and down. I am not an alcoholic and have not drank in a year (at all). No caffeine as stated before and no drugs.
  2. i would have suggested an OTC sleep aid, but diphenhydramine has a tendency to make RLS worse. For me, anyway.

    You could try one of those teas that promotes calm and sleepiness. Never tried them myself, so i can't really give you any names to look into.
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    Try taking magnesium and Valerian root. I get rls too and it sucks.
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    It's more than just rls though. I feel internally restless. I can never relax. It's like im wound up too tight all day.

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    You might need to go see a dr and get some Xanax. Sounds like anxiety to me. I have it and that's what I feel like sometimes except I also have elevated heart rate and sometimes shortness of breath. Try some sleepy time tea and a few melatonin. Works for me when I actually need to wake up the next morning. If I take Xanax and a beer I'm done for 12 hrs. Most of all go see a Dr..... Good luck
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    Don't take benzos unless its a last resort. Don't mix benzos and alcohol either if you go down that route.

    Look into melatonin before bed and l-theanine either before sleep or when you wake up. Or both. I use both effectively. L-theanine is an anxiolytic but very mild in nature and OTC. Maybe your sleep is more disturbed than you think.
    Any family history of anxiety?