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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by FTT010101, Jun 18, 2006.

  1. FTT010101

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    So I was sending out some money to a source by mail... I sent the money via Express mail just so that it would get there faster. I forgot to check the box where it says that if there is no response then leave the pack there. ( I did waive the sig, just didnt check that box). So now the money is going to be returned to sender in like 6 days... is there anyway to fix this? I emailed the customer support (asked them if they could deliver it and leave it anyway...) at USPS but they are going to take 1-2 buissness days to get back to me. Kinda wanted a response a little sooner. Anyway, does anyone else have an experience like this they can share? If you do, what did you do to fix it? thanks!

  2. THL

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    Whenever I've recieved something express and wasn't home the mail man would leave a card in my box that said I could pic up the pack at the PO. They usually will do this twice before they send it back. Tell your source to go to the PO and pick up the damn money!
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    Are you in contact with your source? So you know if he got the money or not?

    So basically your saying they are going to send your money back to you.

    I have no experiance with this. Ive used WU for all my money transfers.
  4. FTT010101

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    yeah, card in the box...ect... Ill see what my source says... but he was pretty specific about the mailing of money... ill see what he says.

  5. pupeye

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    He doesn't even have to go to the PO to pick it up. He can sign the card and leave it in his mailbox. (unless its a PO box) Then the carrier can leave the express peice. But im sure the source dosen't want to sign anything.
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    dude will be angry.
  7. FTT010101

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    actualy the guy was quite ok with it. All is resolved

    thanks everyone!

  8. freedomfighter

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    BTW Express leaves a paper trail,,,FF
  9. THL

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    I agree. I wouldn't recomend anyone to use express mail.