Slin and Carb Cycling

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    So Currently I am running a carb cycling regimen to cut fat and im around 8%BF. I went from 245 to a current 220 in 2 months. I started with DNP and 400mg ED for 2 weeks strictly low carb. After a week I started running tren at 400mg EW, Primo at 500mg EW and S23 at 30mg ED (TRT test). I am also using Cardarine 20mg ED and Carnatine as well as EC stack ED since I started. I have clen and t3 on the way which I am going to do 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off, 2 weeks on and then end my cut (T3 50mg ED for the 6 weeks). I had a massive cheat yesterday just to get my head right, carb up a little and mentally get back in it. Was generally just feeling like fucking garbage anyway I just threw in hgh at 3IU a day starting today.

    So I know I have a lot going on here but my question is this, on my high carb day do you guys think slin could be good to amplify pretty much the entire purpose of the high carb day? If so when would you use it? The second part of my question is would carb cycling be necessary at all while on clen? First time running it, more curious to try it than anything else.

    My theory is that slin would help me take the same amount of carbs and really help fill up my muscle glycogen storage as im not losing much fat on the high carb days anyway. Thanks guys.
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    Are you still running the DNP?

    What exactly is the purpose you're using the high carb day for?

    Also, what is S23? TRT test you said? Just curious on that one lol.

    I'm trying to understand what you're taking, took and what you're planning to take going forward... It kind of all ran together.
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    DNP was the first 2 weeks only. By trt test i meant around 200mg of test per week, I dont cycle off just go to trt doses. I dont see any benefit in going higher on test while cutting. S23 is a sarm, its very similar to winstrol but not as powerful. I can say from experience tho that it is very very similar. Max dose of s23 which is 30mg ED is comparable to 50mg ED of winstrol. My goal is to get sub 8%. Id like to hit 4ish% to see what I look like. Main question is just regarding slin though.
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    I got ya, I know about S23 but I misunderstood what you meant. I thought you were referring to it as your TRT.

    I'm still unsure as to what your goal is with using the high carb day so I'm not sure how to comment on the slin use.

    With that said, I'm not real big on the idea of using insulin while cutting. It can have it's merits for certain things but overall, it's counterproductive most of the time, IMO.

    Coming off a DNP run, you should be very insulin sensitive anyways.
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    Yea i have a heard A LOT of mixed stuff on slin use while cutting but have never tried it. Ik another strategy is to use if post lift before cardio. As in between ur lift and cardio sesh assuming u do one after the other.

    The carb cycling is all about keep Leptin high and keeping fat burning at a high while on ur low carb days. It also helps with energy levels in the gym. Ive always had outstanding results with it.