Slin Pre or Post workout

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  1. gear shef

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    Those of you who use or have used insulin. if only dosed once a day on training days do you prefer pre or post workout...and why.

    I know many like pre because of the pump but aside from this acute effect do you notice any other advantage in the way of gains?

    Thanks in advance for your responses
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  2. Demondosage

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    Pre , mainly for shuttling effect when blood flow to muscle is more from the workout. Also, you don't need to scrounge to eat asap after training. At least I don't.

    But no more than 5iu pre workout , just enough to do the job.
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  3. bonacris

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    Pre workout for me. I use novorapid. Have gone up to 20iu but didn't make any noticeable difference between 10-15-20iu. Usually stay at 10iu. I'm insulin sensitive so need 12g of carbs per iu but it's up to you to figure your ratio.
  4. Ambiguous

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    Pre for rapid. 1st thing in the morning with lantus— 2 High carb meals before workouts.
  5. An1970

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    Large meal, 5IU of Novolin R ,work out, large meal. Always dextrose tabs on me, just in case.
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  6. ds44

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    Post w hgh
  7. Getmusa

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    I like taking 2iu 2-3 times a day with food I feel it burns fat while sending nutrients to the muscle cells. This keeps me very lean without getting fat. I’d say I’m about 6-8% bf thanks to Slin. I have a theory my own if you use more dish soap than needed I think it’s just excess and makes things messy creating more sides. At my age I’m in it for the long haul and have to take health seriously.
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  8. gear shef

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    What’s your diet like. And what meals do you use it with