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  1. VaDImadi

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    I am having to temporarily move into someone else's house and don't want to bring any hgh or needles into their home

    Therefore I am selling the small quantity of Ankebio Ansomone I have left. It is the best price you can find

    4 x 40iu sealed
    1 x 40iu unsealed but fully boxed and unused
    1 x 4iu vial unsealed but fully boxed and unused

    Total of 204iu pharma hgh

    Posted from the UK

    Would prefer to post to another UK location, can post worldwide

    If you're in the UK, including next day delivery £210

    If you're in the USA including 3 day priority shipping $320

    Best price you can find

    Also have about 100 or more barrels and needles that you can have for free if you want them

    Any questions or more pictures needed then let me know

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  2. Xragexx

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    How does one find out if they’re legit or counterfeit?
  3. VaDImadi

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    They are all 100% genuine

    They come sealed, with 3 security stickers, one over every way to enter the box, you need to peel off the sticker and then you input each of the codes onto the code checker on the Ankebio website where it confirms they are genuine
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  4. VaDImadi

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    No pics of the barrels and needles?
  6. Gaynz39

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    Will you split this up? I’ll do 2 40’s to US
  7. VaDImadi

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    Yeah why not

    The problem is you won't get as good a deal because postage is expensive, it will be a better deal to take it all

    If you only want part though I can do that
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  10. VaDImadi

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    I can only assume this isnt being bought due to a trust issue not a price issue as its the best price you can find

    So to encourage a sale, im willing to reduce the price slightly AND im willing to do a deal where the buyer holds some of the money until the goods arrive and then pays the full balance

    Straight sale open to anyone, partial payment only prominent members

    so for UK New price £200 including next day delivery, That is under £1 per IU delivered pharma HGH. I will accept £150 and then the remaining £50 upon delivery the next day

    USA New price $300, thats under $1.50 per IU delivered pharma HGH. I will accept $220 and the remaining $80 upon delivery 3 - 5 days later
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  11. VaDImadi

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    Is every person on here just pretending to take hgh

    Why, when the best priced hgh around is offered on a plate is nobody taking it. I don't understand it
  12. Xragexx

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    For me, it’s your lack of not having anyone on here to vouch for your credibility. Nothing personal at all, that’s just a decent amount of money to take a chance on losing.

    Could you not sale it locally?
  13. I stay with a beautiful collection of hgh and run 5ius daily for past 5 or 6 months. Why would I buy your shit when there are plenty of reputable sources. Just saying
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  14. lightspan

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    Let’s see - random dude selling Chinese “hgh.” Maybe it is. Maybe it’s total garbage. Let me move the the leading quote: “Chinese hgh.” Sounds legit, like a panel van with “free candy” painted on it, parked outside an elementary school.

    Oh wait, you said “they are all 100% genuine.” Well since you said that, I’ll take all of it. Cause no one ever lied or scammed on the internet.

    “I just can’t understand it!” Amusing, you’re butthurt because people don’t want to rush to send you their money. Get a grip.

    Good luck.
  15. AnabolicAF

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  16. VaDImadi

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    Google ansomone it's Chinese pharma

    They have security stickers on I will pull them off and give the codes if someone is guaranteeing to buy them so they can check themself the authenticity

    As I've also said I will send them one by one if you want to prove it's not a scam but obviously to the USA that doesn't make much sense

    There is no scam here just a real nice deal
  17. VaDImadi

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    How about if you just send half the money up front and the balance on delivery in 3 - 5 days that way you're not risking too much money ?
  18. VaDImadi

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    Because the price is better and the quality is better than generics

    Go see what you're sources sell ansomone 40iu packs for and that's a great reason to buy these from me
  19. lightspan

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    Why are you so anxious and desperate to make a couple hundred bucks?

    Also I know who ansomone is. Again, Chinese gh. The Chinese government does a bang up job regulating food, drugs, and cosmetics. People die regularly from tainted products. Like ethylene glycol (google that one). Assuming it is legit gh (and that’s a big assumption), it might also contain a dash of chromium and a smidgen of cyanide. Uh, yeah, not so much.

    Best of luck.
  20. VaDImadi

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    Moronic to think a government multi million dollar drug company may be tainted yet your back door blacks greys and whatever else people buy are perfectly sound. Ansomone is only bested by US pharma which is 5x the price im offering these at. I know where my money would and does go

    I've already stated I have to move into someone else's home for a few months and don't wish to bring hgh and needles there

    I would like these bought by someone asap, it's better quality than what the vast majority usually take along with an unmatchable price

    It's a good deal