Smartphone camera spying

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  1. Jayman

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    How do you take precaution from being spied on through your android or iPhone cameras and microphones... I read the govt can use third parties to spy on you to get around the legal aspect of needing s warrant first. I'm just curious because I'm on felony probation
  2. PenisSurfer

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    Taking the battery out is one of the only ways.
  3. Demondosage

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    use a burner flip phone
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  4. Skull

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    Stop using that phone an get a throw away phone. One without a camera on it
  5. Jayman

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    so this is a legitimate concern/possibility/probability?
  6. John Root

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    Electrical tape over the "selfie" lens
  7. grey

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    If you believe you may be under investigation for some reason then yes.

    Pretty much any device that even has a Bluetooth mic in it is fairly simple to use as a remote listening bug without the owner being aware.

    Basically the reverse application of the "car whisperer" concept.

    With a warrant, cooperative phone carrier, or a Stingray the options for LE become endless.