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    Whats up meso! This is the first log i will be doing. Trying something different from the norm and figured id document how it does for me. Ive strayed away from obssesing about the number on the scale and instead use only the mirror to tell me the progress ive made, so i dont have an exact current weight. As for diet I will keep it as clean as i can but wont deprive myself of a hefty cheat meal here and there. Ive been here long enough to know that with you assholes its all brotherly love so feel welcomed to come in to call me a dumbass or wish me luck!

    175 (give or take a couple)

    Week 1-6 200mg Test E
    Week 1-6 150mg tren A eod
    Week 1-6 50mg Anadrol
    Week 7-12 500mg Test E
    Week 7-12 NPP 125mg eod

    Starting sunday. Bloodwork will be drawn 6 weeks to check overall health and if everything looks good i may throw in some dbol the last 4 weeks. Main focus will be feeding the tren and anadrol enough to see them both at their full capabilities. Goal is as much lean mass as possible but wont stress if i put a a pound or two of fat which with a strict diet shouldnt be an issue.

    Dont have many good before pics but took some screen shots from a video so you guys have something to compare to the end result.

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  2. Lookin' good already and you ain't even started yet!
    Consider me along for the ride.
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  3. Just curious your reasoning for running tren ace with test e your first 6 weeks. Wouldn’t you want to run some test p along side of the ace for the first couple weeks until the test e has kicked in? Unless you were on a cruise or trt and already have test active in your system ... just curious ?
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    You got it. On 200mg already so really just adding the tren and drol.
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    Appreciate it man! Ill do my best to keep it updated often.
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  6. Makes much more sense. Cycle looks solid. I’m literally currently running he same cycle just backwards. NPP first half and tren e second half. And Superdrol instead of the Anadrol. Look forward to following your progress.
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    I was wanting to try sdrol but it was out of stock last time i picked some things up. Heard its pretty beastly if you can tolerate the sides. Ill have to read up on your log and check it out!
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  8. Honestly haven’t had bad experience with it whatsoever. Other than lethargy that’s about it. Strength has climbed week to week since the beginning taking 20mg pwo. Cycled it two weeks on two weeks off for the first 8 weeks which def helped managing sides as well. Other than that awesome pumps in the gym, gives you that small bit of aggression for the workout, and slight suppression of appetite but that’s easy to work around.
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    I would switch the npp n tren. If ur gonna use the higher dose test do it earlier in the cycle. Then lower the dose on back end n eu. The tren. Drol is fine where it is.the build up of test e will take some time so upping the dose in middle of cycle doesn’t seem to work the best in my opinion with your layout.
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    Considered switching the tren and npp but want to see how things are with low test and tren. Also thought of the time period for the test to build up and considered extending the blast a couple weeks or throwing in prop.

    I see exactly youre thinking behind it but ill take everything how it comes and tweak things as i go if i feel the need to.
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    Decided to go ahead and start today instead of tomorrow. Got a little pin happy.

    1.5cc tren to the quad. Smooth as butter!
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    Npp IMO is better then tren i make better gains with less sides
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    Dont get me wrong, i love npp! Tren isnt too bad for me, dont have a lot of trouble sleeping besides vivid nightmares ocasionally, and a slight raise in bp.
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    Pinned test and tren today.
    3rd day on Anadrol and already feeling fuller. Strength has gone up slightly nothing crazy, Trained shoulders today and the pump was painful.
    Ill be making my way to donate blood tomorrow since i wasnt able to fit it in today.
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    Anadrol was making me lethargic so ive split the dose the past couple days 25mg in the morning and 25mg post work out and thags taken care of it, blood pressure has even dropped a little since splitting the dose but i should add that i run 5mg cialis.

    Trained arms today and my partner commented on being noticeably fuller. Adding 50mg proviron ed starting today, looking forward to see what thats about!

    Diet has been spot on, hitting all my meals not missing any calories just hope ill be able to keep up once meals are added.
  16. What’s your Anadrol dosage? You know due to the half life unless your only using for pre workout purposes I hear most people recommend to split the dose up to morning and about 8 hours after that.
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    50mg it works out to be about 8-9 hours when i take the second dose. The lethargia was kicking my ass but its seemed to gone away.
    Odd because didnt have issues my last time using anadrol.
  18. The lethargy may subside after some more time on it. I know with the SD it was a little rough at first. But after a good week or so it definitely became a lot more manageable and after three weeks or so it was rare to get it often anymore.
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    That's me. It makes me really annoyed with everyone, I have to watch that. I sleep as shitty as ever, but I do get a least one angry dream per night. Usually about my ex.
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    Yeah your typical running away from something dreams turn into chasing and beating the shit out of that something till its unrecognizable lol
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