So Do You Count On The Pharmacy Or The Supermarket For Slin?

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    Ever wonder what exactly the hype is behind insulin and what makes this “second fiddle” hormone more anabolic than most people think and how can we use slin for our anabolic advantage.

    Insulin or “slin” is produced by the pancreas when we take in carbohydrates (sugars). There are three types of carbs; sugars, starches, and fibers. Sugars or simple sugars are quickly processed and in the bloodstream. Starches or complex carbohydrates are converted to sugars by an enzyme and are released more slowly into the bloodstream. As for fiber, we don’t have the proper enzymes to convert to sugar so it simply passes through the digestive tract and causes no insulin response.

    Insulin is released to regulate our blood sugar levels. It, for the lack of a better word, unlocks our muscle cells (also fat and other cells are unlocked as well) to allow blood sugar to be used as energy.

    So how is insulin used to build muscle mass? A bodybuilder can plan his/her carb intake to trigger a response leading to muscle cells being unlocked and opened to receive glucose.

    Another way to gain from insulin is by skipping the carb induced response and simply inject pharmaceutical insulin. Injecting insulin is risky and one must know how to dose it properly. Insulin, when injected, depending on if its slow acting, fast acting, or a blend of both. A hypoglycemic event is a life threatening emergency that will land you in the hospital if you are lucky…or death if you don’t take precautions and fully understand what you are injecting!

    YES IT’S THAT SERIOUS! An educated slin user knows to keep a soda (not sugar free) or juice, a blood glucose monitor and some glucose tablets on you at all times!

    I suggest planning your simple sugar and complex carb intake in order to trigger an insulin response that results in the maximum effect on protein synthesis and muscle fiber recovery. Glucose forces amino acids into our muscles. Thats why your weight training coach or PT will have you intake simple sugars within 30 min. of workout.

    By intaking proteins and carbs 1 hour pre workout you are ensuring you avoid going catabolic during the training session. The pre training intake is important but to maximise the effectivness of the insulin “spike” understand that post workout is the absolute prime for slin to really force proteins into the damaged muscles. So as mentioned before, intake simple sugars within a half an hour of your resistance training.

    Finally, the stored sugars in your muscle cells not only give you energy to train as well as help recover and add mass. In the same token, insulin also stores sugars in fat cells and both supplemental slin and insulin from carbs isn’t going to be ideal for someone trying to get cut or just maintain their current weight.

    I realize this is far from an expert article but I hope it helps a few people get a general idea about insulins anabolic properties and how diet works in tandem with it to provide energy and the ability to recover more quickly and maximise your gains.
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    I think carbs are overly demonized in the lifting world. They fuel your workout and spare protein catabolism.

    To your pre-workout point, research has shown a 4 to 1 carb:protein (grams) is an ideal mix. Preferably around a 5% solution in water, which is where gatorade comes from.