So I got gyno. So im losing my hair.

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Adam Zain, May 3, 2018.

  1. Adam Zain

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    Ran some Test, dbol, deca. Pharmacom dbol fucked me up, was using aromasin eod, felt that shit was underdosed that caused the problem. Several lumps under, but small, not noticeable, no milk titles, just small lumps. Should I run letro? I’ve got arimidex from the same source, not doing any good, itchy nippes every other day despite running 1mg every third day. Are AI’s commonly bunk?

    In regards to balding, losing about 50 hairs every day, got a decent set of hair still, how long before I go bold, but anyways fuck it, I’ll just throw on a cap.

    Oh I’m currently on test tren winstrol. I’m getting no night sweats on 100mg eod of Tren Ace from Pharmacom, also no anger issues, on it for 3 weeks now. Strength only increased on winstrol, but I must say I’m cutting. Seems like Pharmacom orals are good but oils seem a little off, need to get blood done to make sure. Yes I’m running some caber. But that could be bunk too. Usually use 101fitnesspharma or musclerapid for caber. As they only seem to stock it.

    This is just some stuff on my head that I can’t seem to get around, apologies for the lengthy read.
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  2. Evom1

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    As for the AIs are they pharmaceutical? If they're pcom or something trash them and get pharmaceutical
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  3. Adam Zain

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    Yeah the ar0masin wasn’t pharma but arimidex was, I just have a genuine feeling these bastards just buy duplicated bunk ais and resell them. I’ve never used pcom, arn’t they meant to be the best in business? Even Isarms endorsed them. I know several UG labs sources, e.g. Maximus labs, problem is delivery and time waiting. This shit is next day delivery
  4. Evom1

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    Big name doesn't mean the best .Goodyear is a HUGE tire name, you couldn't pay me to put 95% of their tires on any vehicle I or a loved one would ride in
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    19 years old, uses name as username, puts face in avatar.

    gyno is the least of your troubles.
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    SMH sometimes I just assume things. Good catch. Pharma pct or not you're probably fucked
  7. Gbro

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    Let me guess, no blood work to confirm anything.
  8. Eman

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    Holy shit dude, stop everything... I literally don't know where to begin.

    Stop taking so much AI and run a SERM.
  9. SauceBoss

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    Dud you're a mess
  10. Michael7

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    That's a common side effect of winstrol , did you not know that ?
  11. Test_Subject

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    You're worried about balding and you're running tren and winstrol?

    Dude... Stop everything, pct and stay away from steroids.
  12. ickyrica

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    All shitty advice, double down!!
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  14. ickyrica

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    Someone had to do it. Don't do what I said to do OP

    Bad choices do not need to be compounded with other bad choices. That's how mindless was created
  15. Adam Zain

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    People should

    I'm finishing this cycle thank you very much, I'm from the Uk, gear is legal here, cba cropping my photo, don't see why my door would get busted down for it. nevertheless, I knew the risks, I took it, I'm fine with going bald like I said, I was moreso asking how long would it take. I usually use another source, this time I'm using pcom, haven't done bloodwork on it yet to confirm. Will do next week or so. I seem fine though, diet is on point, cardio, etc... I did start gear young, I was done growing though, my epilepsy were closed early, confirmed by a doctor of course.
  16. Adam Zain

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    It was the dbol, never had it with winstrol or test, as soon as I touched it the fucker started falling like all the super heros from avengers when thanos clicked his fingers.
  17. Adam Zain

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    I need trt too probs, ik.
  18. Adam Zain

    Adam Zain Junior Member

    But the AI seems underdosed, wouldn't be lathergic if the AI was actually 1MG? I'd be in bed all day not actually enjoying cardio.
  19. Adam Zain

    Adam Zain Junior Member

    Not yet
  20. Adam Zain

    Adam Zain Junior Member

    Gyno costs 3-5k$, it is not the least of my worrries aha. Steroids are legal here pal.