So you injected into a vein, now what?

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by newtpig, Sep 25, 2009.

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    newtpig Junior Member

    Im on HRT and have a question.

    I always aspirate, but what if you accidentally do inject right into a vein?

    What should you do?

    Call 911 immediately?
    See how you feel, and if like shit, call 911?
    Immediately drive to hospital? (possibly passing out at the wheel)

    I only inject half a cc. Whats my worst case scenario and what should I do if I suddenly realize I just injected into a blood vessel because I suddenly feel weird?

    What are the symptoms of injecting into a blood vessel anyway? Will it be way obvious and IMMEDIATE???
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    lunacy(SSB) Junior Member

    did you pull back on the syringe to see if blood comes up???? are you conscious?
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    newtpig Junior Member

    I always pull back... but were human... we make mistakes.

    One day I may forget and inject into a blood vessel.

    MY QUESTION IS..... if that happens, what should you do???????
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    Tyler_Durden Junior Member

    Chances are your going to feel like shit i dont think you have to worry as much as you are? i personally have never went into a vein but you need to ASPIRATE. How are you feeling?
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    James99 Junior Member

    I have also worried about this and looked up other post on this subject and from what i have read it hasnt been serious enough to call 911 if you do inject into the vien. people said it was the worst few minutes of there life and it almost feels like you need to call 911 but they get through it. i guess you start to have a shortness of breath and will start coughing bad, also you will have a bad taste of alchol in your lungs and throat but it only last for a mintue or two. i guess if it happens just stay calm and relax.
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    pigeonhed Junior Member

    Aspiration is done because when you pull back if in the proper area would feel resistance. If in a vein the syringe would quickly fill with blood. It is almost impossible to not know your in a vein.

    Blood Vessel is one of the most misused medical terms. Your Heart is a blood vessel. When we inject into muscles or attempt to the blood vessel most are referring to is a capillary. Capillaries generally carry small amounts of blood and tend to be low pressure (that means the amount of blood is small and generally stops bleeding quickly with a small amount of pressure applied on the outside skin.

    If you managed to inject into a vein you would want to lay down. Call 911 and try to breath normally. It is really pointless to discuss this as it would just scare people when I cannot imagine someone doing it on accident. If you have read about Aspiration and given yourself an IM this should not be an issue.

    The best advice I have if you are new to IM injections or if you intend on giving them to yourself is to read about not only proper technique but also to read about the areas of the body you intend on giving the injections. Seriously all injections are to be taken seriously but with a reasonable amount of caution and knowledge it should never be a problem.

    Hope this helps.
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    Tyler_Durden Junior Member

    Your fine it take 20cc of air to kill you.. very rare to die
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    brettj86 Junior Member

    When I injected into my glute the other day, a little blood came back when I pulled the plunger back. I pulled to needle out and injected again. Would that have been a vein or artery if there was just a little blood? Also was it ok that I injected it back in a new spot with some blood in the syringe?
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    Need2Grow Member

    Done this several times in the glutes and it never hurt me. Actually, as long as I knew I was injecting in the correct spot on the glutes (upper outide quadrant), if there was a little blood when aspirating, I injected anyway. Never had a problem either way, assuming you are injecting in the correct spot of the glute, quad, etc....
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    BBC3 Member

    Look, its like riding a bike. Its not a matter of "if" you could inject a vein, its when. You will do it sooner or later. Always insert the needle fairly slowly. Odds of you getting a very large vein in glute are slim. I can even feel the needle go in one side of a vein and out the other sometimes. Regardless and with that said. You are going to pass through veins from time to time. Then when you aspirate it will appear as nothing wrong. As soon as you pin it though, it will leech back along the line of the needle and enter the vein. YOU WILL KNOW IT IMMEDIATely. The alcohol in the solution with be expelled by the lungs. It will cause a slight burning sensation and you will cough some. It will last anywhere from 5 to 30 mins. Its no big deal. Just consider it a free lung cleaning.:D

    Grab a beer when this happens as it makes for a nice chaser.....[:eek:)]
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    newtpig Junior Member

    Thanks for the details.

    Now I have a follow up question.

    Does this injection now "count"? Or did this dosage go to waste and you need to re-inject?
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    BBC3 Member

    Its in there. It counts. the only time it does not is when you pull that needle out and it dripples down yur arse.;)
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    TZTARZAN2000 Member

    Nothing to worry about!
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    naturalkon Member

    So yeah I did this today. My dumb ass thought I was gonna die here in this stupid hotel room. I know this is an old thread, but is the shot I took no good or would most of it still go in the muscle. It's was about 1.5cc test e and test p. I got all the symptoms they were talking about. Coughing, dizziness, thought I was gonna die. Lasted about 5-10 min. Feel better now(45 min later)
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    scrapping_irish Junior Member

    im always really careful but it has happened to me like 6 times, just have to ride it out for a couple min. Just is scary the first time because you don't know what the fuck is going on and you feel like cutler is squeezing your lungs
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    naturalkon Member

    Haha. Yeah my life flashed before my eyes for a second until I got on the internet and found this thread. Gave me some reassurance. Didn't want to call 911 if it wasn't necessary. Plus I'm out of town working, didn't want to have to explain to my boss what went down. Just glad it's over and nothing happened. I will be more careful next time. I think I have just got a lot more veins these days. Or they are just that much bigger.
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    hammerfist2 Member

    Damn man, well props to you for thinking on your feet and actually searching for an answer. Im not sure what I would have done in that same situation. Here is a question for you. Do you leave the evidence of gear behind or do you keep it with you until another location ?
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    naturalkon Member

    I usually put my pins in a some sort of container and throw them in a dumpster or something.
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    naturalkon Member

    Well I did leave a vial of melanotan in a hotel fridge once. No telling what the cleaning lady thought it was. Lol.
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    norfl33t Member Supporter

    Fuck me. First time, 5 min ago, holy fuck. haha god i love meso. funny how we google shit instantly when panic sets in. meso thread popped right up.

    I knew I wasnt IN a vein but I most def poked through one. As soon as I pulled that 25g out,.. WHAM it me. Wasnt crippling awful but I felt it in my chest and coughed a few. Now I know.

    Interesting experience. Seeing how I spent 5 years as a paramedic in STL and never ONCE considered this circumstance.

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