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    A few months ago I decided to get my t levels checked since I had and have a ton of signs of low testosterone. When I got the results back I wasn't shocked. My serum level was quite low. I'm 29 and it was below the labs range. LH was middle of the lab's range and fsh was a little lower. E2 was in the low 20s. I later had my levels tested again and did a thyroid test as well. Again just t levels were off.

    I found a doctor recommended by a few people on this site. He had me do the clomid challenge. 100mg a day for 10 days. I couldn't handle that and cut my dose little by little and ended up at 25mg every other day. After a couple of weeks I had some labs done and T levels almost tripled (which isn't saying much). LH was quite high due to the Clomid, as was E2.

    I'm very sensitive to Clomid and after a while the 25mg every other day was screwing with me. So cutting it back to 12.5mg every 36-48 hours made me feel a little better. I've been doing that for a couple of weeks or so and just got another test done. Test is down again but still a little higher than my initial results. Still not where I want to be. What has me confused is that LH is at the top of the range.

    I have never used a steroid. I think that my t levels have always been a little lower than they should be. I'm starting to doubt if this sort of restart would even be effective for me. I'm confused as to why T levels would drop back with a high-normal LH level. I guess that I could ask for Nova and see if I can stomach that but I'm losing faith that this sort of treatment would work on me in the long run.
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    How physically active are you? If you live a sedentary lifestyle your t might be low because of that. Worst case scenario, your T is permanently low and you need trt.
    trt is testosterone replacement therapy. They will basically be putting test into body to get you back into the normal range using either injections, a lotion, or a pellet that goes under your skin.
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    I work construction and I work out pretty regularly. I'm no slouch and work 7 days a week most of the time. I'm also in decent shape.

    If anything that think that stress from some things that went on a couple of years ago may have been the cause. My other theory is genetics. I really think that my father and grandfather may have had the same issue. Neither are around to check but it would explain a lot.
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    You said - "I work construction and I work out pretty regularly. I'm no slouch and work 7 days a week most of the time. I'm also in decent shape."

    What signs of low testosterone do you have?
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    Can you post your labs results?
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    you may be overtrained from construction labor, not sure how hard you're working though.

    you may want to try an AI (aromasin) with your clomid.

    12.5 clomid eod + 12.5 aromasin ED could be good

    check prolactin, high prolactin can interfere with test production.
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    I fatigue easily when working out. I find progressing on starting strength really difficult and stall much earlier than most. I also have libido issues. Depression

    A lot of signs. There are a lot of guys out there who you would never guess by looking at them deal with low testosterone.

    Its not the working too hard. I'm really not all that stressed these days. I'm an electrician. Its not like every day is hard labor for me.

    I tried aridex and it seemed to make things worse if anything. From what I read some people are just sensitive to the estrogen mimicing effects of clomid. I think that I may be one of them. When I started the clomid challenge. I made it three pills before they started messing with me. One in the morning, one at night, and one the next morning. I think that its the clomid more than the E2.

    Oh, prolactin is in range.
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    Here are my initial lab results.

    Results after taking clomid for a about three or four weeks.

    Most recent results after dropping my clomid dose a little.

    Yes, there has been other blood work. Thats all that I have on hand.
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    I'll be honest. I'm starting to have my doubts that serm treatment could even be all that effective for me. I'm supposed to see the endo Monday. I'm debating just asking to start with test and/or hcg.

    Oh, sorry for the triple post.
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    i think perhaps you have problem with Leydig Cell sensitivity to lh. i don't know if it is genetics and if you can try a restart, but it seems difficult . You may wanna look into TRT but if you want try a restart i suggest to use clomid with nolva not less from 2 months.
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    Who is the endo you are working with? Dr. Hul----?
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    Yup, its Dr. Hulinsky.