Something in European water/food/air that lowers Testosterone and makes them weak/lazy/effeminate?

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    Too much to be coincidence

    Is there something in the European water, food or air that Lowers testosterone thus making them weak, lazy and effeminate?

    Or is it that alpha-men were long gone, either killed in wars or migrated abroad to places with better weather/better natural resources/harder working people/dumber people to exploit? LOL
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    Yeah they stopped eating raw milk and cheese and red meat and started eating corn.

    Christianity fucking ruined the white male and his balls.

    I'm off germanic descent.

    My people used to worship war gods.

    Now they worship Jesus, a little snow flake who gets his ass whooped and forgives people for it.

    Fuck that.

    Worship odin, go to Valhalla and be a warrior.

    It's the only way to stop Islam is to kill them.
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    And yeah, lowered intake of sat fat, cholesterol and zinc, iron from red meat will make you a bitch.

    I believe that in combination with raw dairy allowed for a well developed gut flora allowing optimal neurotransmitter function