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Sonic Pharma - Canada only

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by Sonicrep1, Sep 3, 2018.

  1. Sonicrep1

    Sonicrep1 Junior Member

    I am a rep for Sonic Pharma. A lab in Canada. We ship domestically.

    Sonic Labs values safety, security and cleanliness above all else.

    I am relaying this info from our chemist. My area of expertise is with technology.

    All online communication done from a secure device using a secure OS. In addition to several layers of security. No emails will be kept. Deleted regularly.

    Raws are procured from reputable known vendors

    All glassware is submerged in a series of "solutions" then baked in a digital oven for an hour at high temperature to ensure "sterility".

    Rubber stoppers and vial caps are also rinsed in a series of "sterility solutions" and further processed to ensure sterility.

    Oils are filtered using "bottle top filters" and vials filled using a "bottle top dispenser" and immediately sealed.


    Sonic Pharma

    Injectable Oils

    TestE 250 $40
    TestC 200 $40
    TestP 100 $30
    Sust 250 $50
    TrenA 100 $65
    TrenE 200 $80
    MastP 100 $65
    MastE 200 $80
    Deca 300 $60
    Npp. 100 $50
    EQ. 300 $60


    50 capsule packages

    Dbol 20mg $50
    Adrol 50mg $50
    Anavar 20mg $50
    Winny 50mg $50
    Tbol 20mg $50
    Superdrol 10mg $30

    Payment : Cryptocoin only.

    Shipping : $20/ Free for orders over $500. Tracking provided 1-2 days after payment.
    Canada Only.

  2. Steve84

    Steve84 Member

    No fucking pics at all?

    Rip off
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  3. TRT@40

    TRT@40 Member

    Who is Sonic Pharma? How long in business?
    Without lab test results of what you are trying to sell here, no one knows quality ...
  4. Rosconow

    Rosconow Member

    You should have a look at other labs greeting posts. Pics with inventory, dated pic with meso username.... a couple lab results never hurt.

    You're going to get flamed hard until those show up. Even then, meso will hold your feet to the fire! Good luck.
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  5. Rosconow

    Rosconow Member

    I wonder if their logo is a little blue hedgehog....
  6. 3ml

    3ml Member

  7. 3ml

    3ml Member

    How was response time with your order?
    Was it packaged nice?
  8. Mr.Perfect

    Mr.Perfect Member

    Go rep for Taureau elsewhere you fucking loser.

    This is literally the worst source intro I have ever seen!
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  9. Rosconow

    Rosconow Member

    What? Now that Northern Muscle is down, they're piling over here?
  10. bob hughes

    bob hughes Member Supporter

    “sterility” Being in quote marks is not a good sign
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  11. MindlessWork

    MindlessWork Member Supporter

    The only Sonic I know of is a fast food chain here in the USA.
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  12. BigNattyDaddy

    BigNattyDaddy Member

  13. UpNorth

    UpNorth Member

    I could have sworn this guy typed just like CDNDA....
  14. rester

    rester Member

    good shit u put sterility in quotes
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  15. Sonicrep1

    Sonicrep1 Junior Member

    We have read a few threads and yes we see many including MESORx username and date on crumpled paper. It will be done as requested.

    For the time being we only wish to provide this forum with our offerings. So that it may be reviewed and become comfortable with it.

    We are not officially open for business yet. We wish to open strong. We will wait until we have included pictures until officially being open for business.

    We do not wish to provide AI or pct as we believe it best to get these through a pharmacy service to ensure precise and accurate dosing.

    Once Sonic Pharma is ready to begin officially taking orders that information will be offered to the forum.
  16. Sonicrep1

    Sonicrep1 Junior Member

    No sir. That is not our logo at this time.
    For the immediate future we will be fielding questions until we officially open.
  17. I remember the last time a lab came here and made a thread saying that someday, in the near future, we were going to get access to "quality" gear.

    Name of the lab? Myo-fucking-gen.

    Tell me good sir, why didn't you wait until you were actually "ready" for business? It would have given you a 1)better start and 2)a tiny bit of credibility.

    It baffles me that you claim that you (and Tails) have read other UGL lab threads and still do this.
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  18. Fitwelder

    Fitwelder Member

    Lol so you cant accurately dose ai's but you expect us to believe you can accurately dose everything else. Smh
  19. Test_Subject

    Test_Subject Member

    Exactly what I was thinking.
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  20. Nissan

    Nissan Member