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Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by rpmjr19, Nov 8, 2006.

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    rpmjr19 Junior Member

    Ok, so I took my first shot of Test E on Sunday night around 6:30

    It didn't hurt at all when I did it, and I thought everything went smooth

    the next day it was sore, and where I injected it is hard to the touch, it is like a lump about the size of my palm and it is very sensitive, hurts to massage it

    today is wed, so its only been a couple days, but my next shot is tomorrow, on the right glute

    should I worry or just wait it out or what?

    the injection was 1cc, 250mg testabol BD I used a 1.5in 23g needle
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    jrod196 Junior Member

    hmm, I wonder if somehow you missed the musle and thats the oil chilling under your skin. I use the exact same pin size as you so that seems far fetched. Is the lump warm?
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    rpmjr19 Junior Member

    its a little warm, but not hot or anything

    I was thinking the same thing as u, that it is just sitting under my skin - what do I do if thats the case?
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    Ironhorse Member

    Im still sore as well, but I can deal.
    Is it red or anything rpmjr? Hopefully its normal and just a little more tender than you thought it would be.
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    enduranceAthlete Junior Member

    Is it getting better or worse? In a week, if it's not getting better or if it starts growing, find a general surgeon and get over with. It's not as bad as dealing with it for a couple weeks.

    If it's getting better, then don't worry. When I went to Somalia -- great resort area in northern africa -- they gave me the dreaded GG shot also called the Gamagoblin. I don't know what was in there, but I couldn't walk straight for three weeks.
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    rpmjr19 Junior Member

    its a little red, but nothing bad
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    Conciliator Member

    How would a 1.5" pin not make it into the muscle?

    It's normal to expect some soreness. I doubt it's anything to worry about.
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    HDH Member

    Sometimes I've got a lump for a week, sometimes I don't. I am not a doctor. I would go with the next shot (this is just me I'm talking about) in the other glute. Then on my next shot I would rotate to a quad. After my first few shots, I became less sensitive and before I knew it, no pain, just lumps. Most of the time small but sometimes big.

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    role model

    role model Junior Member

    Put hot moist compresses on it to help heal the sore area. Also people are allergic to different things, kind of like when you get a bee sting. I have heard this before from the oil, herea post from another board with what that guy does.

    I had bad reactions with the test e, but only when I did it BY ITSELF. When mixed with deca or EQ I had no probs. As far as the color difference, the test e was clear, sust was darker and eq even darker. Doesn't make a difference. I've gotten BD products that were the same substance from different lots that were noticably different in color. I just won't do test e alone anymore. Problem solved. 1/2 ml of this and mix with 1/2 ml of that.
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    atomicone Junior Member

    Sounds pretty much normal to me. For me it always seems like one injection goes really well (just mild to moderate pain etc.) and then the next will hurt pretty bad for 3-4 days. I know that some people feel you've always got to use a 1.5" needle, but I've had no problems using only 23 gauge 1" pins (even in the glutes) for 5 years now. I've also found that rotating my injections between my glutes, delts, and quads often produces less pain/swelling, but you don't want to do more than 1cc in the delts, and 2cc in the quads (I personally won't inject more than 2cc in one place at a time). If you're injecting multiple times per week, you should be rotating between 4-6 spots to minimize the sides.

    Note: I will always mix 2 different products (e.g. 1cc of test and 1cc of Deca) into one syringe/injection whenever possible. It really does seem to help.
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    atomicone Junior Member

    It definitely isn't "far fetched." Over the years I have had numerous injections cause the same amount of swelling/pain (probably more). I've had lumps on my ass that 'felt' like grape fruits and take well over 7 days to completely go away (99% of the time they will go away on there own). Ive found that these abnormally nasty injections are usually caused by one or more of the following:

    1. The particular substance being injected (test prop usually being the worst for me).

    2. High amounts of bacteria in the product. This occurs more than most people think, and is notorious among certain brands (especially Mexican made veterinarian and some UG's).

    3. Excessive amounts of alcohol being put in the oil, which is often done to compensate for poor quality control during manufacturing (rarely occurs with brand pharmaceuticals).

    4. Higher percentage of actives than average (e.g. products that contain 300mg or more per ml).
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    rpmjr19 Junior Member

    I'm almost positive that the oil either leaked out of my muscle or it was shot subq rather than intramuscular

    Ive been putting a heating pad on it b4 bed

    I did my other injection 2nite, on the right side. That was about 10hrs ago, and it is sore, but nothing like this at all... It is how I thought it would feel

    If that oil is just sitting their am I going to have to go get it drained or what? I've been told it will eventually get into my muscle

    Live and Learn I guess huh? I will see in the morning if the right side does the same thing, or what, but as of right now it is just tender, no swelling or redness yet.

    Sleep time guys, thanks for all the replies
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    terrorizer2 Junior Member

    All the more reason to avoid all the UG rubbish and buy pharma gear.The only UG brand i trust is British Dragon and that is because it comes from an approved seller in the UK.
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    rpmjr19 Junior Member

    it is British Dragon
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    terrorizer2 Junior Member

    Mate it could be your injection technique.If you are sure your gear is 100% legit BD then i would put it down to a bad shot.I have done it myself before.If the site is not red and tender and you don't feel sick or feverish you should be okay.
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    HDH Member

    There are plenty of UG labs that have been around for years and are trusted.

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    rpmjr19 Junior Member

    I'm sure some of it has to do w my technique.. this was my first time injecting
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    atomicone Junior Member

    I agree that BD products tend to be high in quality and I've used them many times with good results (although they are pretty pricey). However, certain substances just tend to cause more pain/soreness for the average user (e.g. test prop, although some users have no problem with it). Also, even when the quality is good and there isn't too much alcohol etc., you will still often have problems if the gear is dosed high (e.g. 300mg/ml+ of Deca, 300-400mg/ml of test, etc.). As for UG products, they are hit and miss IMO. I have used many in the past, and some have worked great with little or no sides, while others have nearly put me in the hospital after one injection. Back in the day when I was a senior member of the old Renegade board I tried UGL's (the original company named UGL) trenbolone and it was excellent, but I also have purchased Finaplex pellets (which contain 200mgs of trenbolone acetate and are used for cattle) along with Animals old FinaKit, and produced some beautiful 75mg/ml 20ml bottles of tren, and would inject 2ml into my lower/side quad with virtually no post injection pain or swelling.

    Note: IMO there are many things you can do to minimize injection problems (and most of them have already been addressed by myself and others), but after all is said and done, some degree of pain/swelling etc. is just going to happen sometimes and it's just part of the game, and always will be. I would assume that the majority know and have already accepted this, or why would we still be doing it?

    Good Luck Bro!
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    atomicone Junior Member

    Very possible! If you're only doing 1cc at a time then I would highly recommend injecting into your deltoids with a 1" 23 gauge pin. Most people I tell this to tend to freak out and act like I'm nuts, but I can promise you that it's one of the easiest and least painful spots to inject. Although there are a few general rules I always follow:

    1 - I personally insert the needle relatively slowly, to reduce any possible problems.

    2 - I have decent size delts, but by no means huge ones, so I only insert the pin 3/4's of the way in and then inject. My friend who introduced me to this technique 6 years ago has monster delts and would always inject the entire needle with no problems. I also inserted the pin all the way in a few times with no problems, but once I found that 3/4's worked just as good with less drama I stuck to that. So, if you have well above average delts then don't even hesitate using the whole pin, but if you're delts are average/meduim you might want to use 3/4" pins.

    3 - Always aspirate! I'm assuming you obviously already know this.

    4 - Injection spot should be right around the middle of the deltoid.

    5 - Don't inject more than 1ml of oil unless you've got big ass delts.

    Sorry if I'm over doing this a bit, but I wish someone would have shared a lot of this with me 10 years ago.
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    terrorizer2 Junior Member

    Nice advice atomicone.Quads and delts are easiest as you can see propely what you are doing.Glutes are fine for full syringes although it can be a bit fiddly. bending round to do it.Nice if you get someone else to do it.

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