sorry! not happy with chem meso

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by sgtfury, Jul 16, 2010.

  1. sgtfury

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    i have great success with armidex in pill form and recently purchased the product liquidex. to be honest, it has not done shit. i discontinued after 2 weeks and switched back to pill form. interestingly, it kicked in quick and certain symptoms have subsided. was it bunk or a bad batch? i dont know and dont care..very disappointed.
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  2. BBC3

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    I am trying that now. The only other one I ever tried was research stop or something like that. I remember the deal sounded too good cause it was something like 60mls for about the same maket going rate. I was not really impressed with it, although it seemed to work some. Currently the liqidex seems to work, but I have not pharm grade reference. Their cialis rocks for sure.

    Are you taking anything different right now, like Nandrolone that may be invoving some progesterone pathways? That the liquidex would not help..?
    What are the symptoms are you trying to abate that have stopped in the past with other brands?

  3. ChaseQ

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    A couple questions,

    1 were you taking the pill form then switched over to cem's or did you start with the cem's, quit it after 2 weeks then go the the pill form?

    The reason i ask is because I know with me it takes at least a week for the arimidex to start doing its thing and suppressing sides. Also if your E levels were high when you started, it could easily taken a couple weeks before you noticed anything.

    It would have taken a week for it to reach blood serum levels high enough to stop the aromatization of the test, plus a week or so for the raised levels of E to clear your body.
  4. sgtfury

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    in the past ran 2 identical cycles that i am on now. sust/deca. when i started to get a little tenderness in the nipple, i started arimidex and it knocked it out immediately. using the liquidex now and it isnt doing anything. ...
  5. ChaseQ

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    If you started taking the Arim as soon as the symptoms started 2 weeks should have been long enough for them to start to subside. Everyone's different though. Dont know bro.
  6. sgtfury

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    im not running any higher than 500mg of deca.
  7. Meathead27

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    Personally, after receiving a bottle of bunk t3 I REFUSE to use or recommend chem-meso to anyone. There is no excuse for this IMO. This is looking like ag-guys all over again [}:)]
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  8. jasthace

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    Thats exactly what I've been thinking {from the posts that have been going up about them} .They are the new ag-guys
  9. tballz

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    I've never had any problems with cem-meso and I've taken quite a few of their products.
  10. ChaseQ

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    Hit and miss I guess.
  11. sgtfury

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    i did find the clen product to be very potent.
  12. CEM-Meso

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    SgtFury, check your PM's, thanks

  13. CEM-Meso

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    Meso Members,

    This is exactly why we spend virtually all of our advertising and marketing budget within forums, i.e., Meso. Because it allows us to communicate DIRECTLY with our customers. You can communicate directly with each other, and with me. We WANT you talking about our products. We WANT to be the FIRST to hear of all the good and ANY bad.. While our goal is to have 100% complete satisfaction, we understand we can't make everyone happy, every time. This is exactly why we need Meso. You TELL EACH OTHER when you're not happy, in fact, often times, you are more prone to open up to one another than directly with the store. Again, this allows me to step in and try my best to fix the situation and win back the trust that may have been lost. Isn't that what it is all about?? Trust. I firmly believe the success of our company depends on the quality of our product and maintaining the trust of our customers. I apologize for the delayed response to your situation, sgtfury. But be assured, we'll do whatever it takes to fix it.

    As i explained to sgtfury, a batch of products consists of over 60 units. If it were a bad batch, we would see quite a few complaints. We perform random quality assurance testing on each batch produced. Is it possible that a bunk unit passed through, it is highly unlikely, but possible. What is important is the issue gets taken care of in a way that wins back Sgtfury's confidence in us, and the entire member base. It helps that these situations are rare and few and far between. Again, thanks everyone for your comments and opinions. They are what keep us going. Yours,

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  14. Walnutz

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    Were the ag-guys this helpful, honest and open?
  15. lifterjaydawg

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    ordered a bunch of times from cem, their chems have always been legit for me, no problems here.
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    i smell fish!!!

    How the hell did you get 3 rep points with 57 posts????
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    I like Talapia with some lemon pepper seasoning.

    Now rep me for my recipe!
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    How do you even get rep points?? Does that mean no one likes us? or thinks that we aren't credible? That's bull honkey

    Oh, and uh Chase, that's not a recipe bud....that's more of a serving suggestion Rachel Ray
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    I think in his case he works for Cem-meso... so "someone" hooked him up with some cred points to make him look a bit more legit... he is a shiller bro... look at all his posts...
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    Read the posts........It would seem we have a rat in the house [}:)]