sorry! not happy with chem meso

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    Millard already stated openly that REP POINTS are based on MANY factors. One of them I am sure is time served. This is what keeps keyboard happy, disgruntled workers, LIKE CORE, from catapolting themselves to the top overnight. Consider it a PERSONAL MANAGEMENT DIRECTIVE, that I for one, appreciate. Post count dont mean nothin. In fact, it would be my guess that exhorbidant posting in a short time would be nothing less than a red flag. THATS WHY WE KNOW YOU ARE NO REALLY A COP, CORE. We love ya like the jackass you are. That's a term-of-endearment...:)

    Of course you could discern from the gentleman's rating, that he perhaps knows someone, at least through someone, hence his credibility. HOWEVER, a rep rating of 3 dont necessarily mean take his orders like doctors orders.

    Ratings can be misleading. ALWAYS DO YOU OWN RESEARCH. And take EVERYTHING with a grain of salt. The forum is meant to motivate education and learning. All this typing has my tittie hurting now.:(
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    You are correct
    If you click on his Handle and select "View all posts by..." you will see that the vast majority of his posts are in support of ChemMeso ancillaries.
    Lifterjaydawg is a Rep,.i.e he's is talking shit about his successful dealings with Chemmeso
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    Interesting observation....

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    You taking your ginko old man? Officer Core pointed that out three posts ago.. [:eek:)]
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    I do not in any way work for or receive anything from CEM-Meso by talking them up. I've been a member here MUCH longer than CEM-Meso has been here..and I've used AG Guys before they showed up. Some my posts are bumping up CEM-Meso cause they literally bent over backwards for me when i first ordered from them, between the customer service i experienced and the products I've used up to this point, I'm repping them like CRAZY......because they are a HUGE difference compared to what we had before. Again, I am not/have not received anything from them for my posts....
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    OOOOHHHH... OK... boy , I must have misuderstood what was going on... sorry for the confusion...:rolleyes:

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    I actually dug this thread back up as I had been dealing with gyno lately. And a hard BB type one that was kinda Juicy:eek:. Within two weeks the liquidex pretty much took it out. That was 1mg about E3d. Took it out plain and simple. IT WORKS....

    One caviat, I could not figure out which supplement was causing SOME SERIOUS Stomach acid/reflux/throat/NASTY BURNING ACID... Turns out it the liquid cialis, and not the liquidex. Oh well, the cost of sex is high indeed. I dont know if simply inherent to the nature of the chemical or what.....
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    We will see.Ag guys and other sources of ancillaries and steroids have ran the same path by sending out legit products to some customers and scamming others with bunk products containing no active ingredients.This way they can keep operating because there is no sure consensus as to weather they are scammers or not.
    We've had a few posters claiming products like clen and t3 have been bunk.With a product like these you can tell within the hour if your product is legit.

    I recall using ag guys a few times with success, then they screwed me on a deal for 6 bottles each of clen and t3.Other guys were calling them scammers but those who had received legit products from them were defending there rep.In the end the truth come out and they were out of business.
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    jasthace, i am very sorry you had that experience by the previous sponsor. That bad experience you had with AG Gals obviously makes you quick to anger when you even smell a hint of common actions among CEM-Meso. Quality control is best performed when: 1) The best product is being delivered to the customer, and 2) support is being offered quickly and abundantly when a problem arises. It is very simple, do these things as a company and you will not only survive, you will thrive. The inverse is equally true. My goal is to offer the best product i can offer, every time. And to be there 110% if a problem arises. So far, that has been my record here. It is because we hold to this commitment that we can bear the name Meso in our title.

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    Thanks guys... it is much better than getting a shiller...
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    Are you sure it's not the liquidex? Letro gives me a sore throat almost everytime I take it.
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    Their tamox gave me the soar throat then I started mixing it with some water and that took care of the problem.
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    No,I don't get angry about money or broken materials.

    I will presume that can be translated into, a 100% legit /potent product.:)

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    I could not be sure at first. But I laid off the Cial and problem went away. Then I backed down on the ldex for a week once the gyno was controlled and then just one dose of cial and wham. Problem is it almost seems to get worse. I am talking some serious heartburn for whatever reason. I dont know if prescription grade cial does that or not. Only tried a 10mg once there.

    Its not a sore throat. Although I can feel that it is definitely hot stuff, so to speak. I have tried drinking a ton of liquid with it, whatever. Even food directly on top leaves an issue after a couple of days ( I think I ate every time). So I will have to try the eating thing once more.

    I have also tried the varden. I am not sure if that one burned or not. Only tried once so far. I had just taken a good adderall dose and the two disagreed a bit. I could barely continue to drink beer I felt so uneasy:eek::rolleyes:. The cial is the only one I have determined to cause the problem. Only 2 or 3 doses, and I am dealing with serious stomach acid ALL DAY for a few. It does work well though...

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    I've taken both Viag and Cial. As I recall, script Cial may have given me a bit of an acid issue, and I'm not prone to this.

    I've been on TRT with regular blood work off and on for so long, that I will find out if this research chem. is the real thing or not.

    If you know your body and your bloodwork, it's hard for someone to easily scam you. Using physical awareness alone to determine potency of any drug is not very scientific.

    A footnote to the guys at Meso. I majored in chem., and I'll give you a shot.
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    And to be clear, I am not saying whether or not potency or actual drugs was correct, just that the cialis tears my stomach to shreds.... and fast. Perhaps it is just a solvent or something. The drug was not originally intended by manufacturer to be in liquid state after all. So not really any complaints other than that. Note I can barely take asprin w/o getting the shits, so I am a sensitive case.

    Further and just recollecting. Again and not claiming to know composistions. But the liq Varn will flat out stomp your ass into whatever condition it wants you in. And in a hurry. Like I said, it acts FAST & STRONG. I personally believe that the ADHD medication I take somewhat disagrees, and due to the obvious opposite actions. And clearly, just one or two drinks compounded the situation dramatically. But the Varn works awsome and dont be fooled by the smaller bottle. It only takes about 2-3 MLs to do the trick....;)

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    What country does chem-meso ship from? Is an order from them going to get snatched by US customs?
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    so whats the verdict is cem meso worth the money or not. im seeing alot of mixed reviews.
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    I just got on the Chem Meso forum and found that they do ship from the US.
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    i am using their liquidex right now and i am happy with it. i am going to also be using their nolva during january and i will post my opinion when i am done with my pct.