[Source] anabolichut.com Canadian Domestic Website (Intro Post)

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    An introduction post the fellow members of Meso.

    We have just launched our secure site called anabolichut.com

    We have served the Toronto & surrounding areas for years including the darkweb and have decided to take our products online on our own website.

    Here's a little bit about us:

    We carry a wide range of products. Unlike most sellers, we have connections with multiple labs to offer a variety based on your budget and costs. We also carry a range of peptides from BACHEM peptides who are an officially licensed research company who work personally with us to offer there products.

    Secondly we offer Global Pharma, a new lab that is working exclusively with us to bring there products to everyone. They develop there oils in ampules and as well as there orals in blister packs. We have gotten amazing feedback from our customers switching over to them and we can guarantee we work closely with them to make sure all the products stay up to standards.

    Thirdly we offer Bio-Optima which has been around for many years and still has a very strong customer base. They offer a wide range of injectables and orals to suit your needs, and we can guarantee we've never had a case of infection or pain with any of our oils.

    As well as that we offer a range of Oral SARMS, which we will be receiving more of them in the coming weeks, as well as a range of Canadian pharmacy products such as delatestryl testosterone, testovis, teva-exemstane and plenty more which you can see in the pharmacy section of our site.

    We've made it simple and easy to purchase as well as a safe and secured payment method making sure you're completely covered when paying with card (statements show a different name) or e transfer or paypal. Bitcoin option is coming soon as well.

    Were hoping we can really show everyone how dedicated we are to this business that's why we are offering a 15% discount on all First purchases over $100 as well as $10 off your purchase when you sign your email up for newsletters.

    We're hoping we can establish a strong online customer base just like how we've done locally.

    All shipments go out within 1-2 business days after receiving payment and take max 2-3 days for delivery depending on your chosen payment method. You will receive tracking for Canada Post as soon as its shipped so you can track the progress of your order.

    Thank you Meso and if there are any questions please don't hesitate to ask!
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  2. acro

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    any tests results or blood work? and why did you leave your thread from 2016 to die instead of reviving or bumping it if you were to establish a consumer base?
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    Have yet to hear of bio-optima....
  4. Bio Optima

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    We started a website with other Labs for sale along with it .thought it was a better idea for a new introduction to the site instead
  5. Bio Optima

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    We've been around for quite some time mostly in Toronto but we're carrying peptides and global pharma check the site out anabolichut.com
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    Nice website, good to see another Canadian Domestic. Don't wanna sound harsh but never heard of you.
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  7. Bio Optima

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    Thanks, yeah realizing many people haven't but we've been around for a while
  8. Mezzano

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    Gonna have to wait and see what the vetting says here. Gonna need some reviews before the train starts moving
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  9. Steve84

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    I'm outa this one...
    Had my fun with a new Canadian lab, going back to my true form.

    Although I would say being Canadian and having a website...probably this isn't a legit company.
    Taking CC payments....
    All red flags, that I would say is more than likely not good.
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  10. Steve84

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    And buying pharma Grade online...ya right
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  11. Apexvallen

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    "Q: How do you accept payment?
    - BITCOINS How to use bitcoins please read here."

    Not looking good bud.
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  12. Eatclenand69

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    Agreed, too many people looking to make a quick buck then bail.
  13. Eatclenand69

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    You talking about the Canadian that mixed 30% BA into your vial?
  14. Bio Optima

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    There is options for cc and PayPal as well
  15. Bio Optima

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    Why don't you check the site, we have already gotten orders and have full filled them
  16. Bio Optima

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    We have a registration under a supplement company. There sure is a lot of negativity coming from users who haven't ordered or used the product. One of the biggest Canadian juice sites uses credit card as a payment
  17. Troy22

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    And one of the biggest idiot juice sites ever! Credit cards?!?! lmaooooo
  18. Bio Optima

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    Been in business for years, great joke though
  19. Eatclenand69

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    If you think we've shown negativity on this thread, you haven't seen nothing yet.

    Were on the look out for each other because we all work hard for our cash. And majority of "CANADIAN DOMESTICS" come on here for a week and fuck off when they've made a couple hundred or thousand $$$.

    Here is where we stand:

    -You post a thread describing your website

    -Website consists of some gear with pics (some tabs don't work, or aren't completed) I could have easily made my own website also and posted random vial pics

    - You tell us to go ahead and make an order when we have no reviews or proof your gear exists.

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  20. Troy22

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    Is that why you vanished after 2014? Your latest reviews or people asking bout you is from 2017. And the reviews I've read say your stuff is junk! Congrats