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    Personal I will leave here reports of purchases made with the blueskypeptide before buying rodei in the forum and did not find much about them, I made a purchase of only 8 GHRP6 and I put it to a student of mine and it is very heavy to beat the hunger in him hypoglycemia when he It takes a lot to eat great product, I went to make a much bigger purchase with them now so that they are not accepting credit card ai complicated for me because I am from Brazil and only have to pay by credit card


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    Wtf did u say?:confused:
  3. Allow me to translate...

    Hello friends, Dick Shankin here to tell you about Blue Sky peptides. i purchased GHRP6 and tested it on a friend, he didn't die, but he got so hungry that he bit me.
    They no longer accept credit cards and i live in Brazil.

    That's the gist of it. Think of it as a review and a rant in broken English. A rantview, if you will.
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    Sorry my awful english
    I wanted to start an account, about the bluesky peptides
    I did not find much about them in the forum, So I decided to buy and try
    So far the GHRP6 I got from bluesky, Are doing the desired effect

    I would buy more products today so they are not accepting credit cards,
    I'm from Brazil, I just have to buy it by credit card.
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    Once upon a time Bluesky peptides were very good. I haven't tried any of their products lately.
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    Lmfao I was literally out loud! Thanks for the translation
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    dick shankin lmao
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    I said I said boy.
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    This is the worst marketing scheme I've seen in a while
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    Guess you didn't read hggear intro.
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    Friend I'm a customer I'm just opening a discussion about the source
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    I like turtles
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    Wanted to find another source of peptides that sell in bulk in the price of bluesky
  16. You could check out:


    i've never dealt with them personally, but have had the site bookmarked for awhile, as they carry some things of interest to me.

    Good luck on your hunt, man.
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    Thank you but the price of them buying in bulk still and high the price of bluesky and almost the price that I buy in china and accepted credit card
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    @MisterSuperGod, translation please.........
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    Sorry again
    Write calmly that you leave
    I even went to make an order with extreme
    But they are not accepting credit cards either.
    And the prices are not as good as the bluesky
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    Don't apologize, bro. You're trying and doing better than some.
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