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    Hello MESORx,

    I am a small Canadian Domestic source of anabolics. I do not currently carry a large assortment of products. My product list will grow in time. I will be continually adding more products based on community feedback and requests.

    --Current Product List--
    ⦁ Test E 250mg/mL
    ⦁ Test C 200mg/ML
    ⦁ Test P 100mg/mL
    tren A 100mg/mL
    ⦁ Mast P 100mg/mL
    ⦁ EQ 200mg/mL
    ⦁ NPP 100mg/mL

    No EO in any of my preperations. . I have used it in the past and of course have experience with it but as of this moment I have none in my lab. So no chance of any "trace" amounts being found in any of the above preperations. Zero.
    The lab is also peanut free for those who are sensitive to nuts. I do my very best to restrict known allergens/contaminants from entering the lab. I cannot guarantee zero allergens because of the raws. Nothing will be introduced on my end.

    Carrier is GSO. I have used CSO, MCT, Flax, Avacado, Safflower and probably a few others I'm forgetting. If something else is preferred, let me know. If you guys want a test batch of another carrier let me know. If you guys want new oils let me know. If you want mixes, let me know. I am completely open to suggestions for new products or ideas. Or new concentrations on existing products. If I get enough interest, I'll make it happen.
    Prices are subject to change at any time. In time I hope to gain your business and your trust. Minimum will be $100. Free shipping on orders over $300.
    I have kept my introductory prices low due to being a new source with no feedback or history. I'm not going to do like other sources and jack my prices up once good reviews come in either like "some" sources I have seen doing lately. I feel my prices are fair for the quality of the product. They aren't the lowest around and they aren't the highest.

    At this time I will accept CIM and WU (ID waived) as sources of payment. That is subject to change at any time. If/when it does I will be updating this thread.


    Canada Domestic Only. $20 Flat shipping fee regardless of order size with tracking. No tracking info will be given out unless a problem arises. A batch number will be included.
    I am not labelling my product at all. Each compound will be identifiable. I won't elaborate here for security purposes. Your order will be securly packaged in a non descript way. No shaking, leaking or any other form of identity of the contents.

    --Lineup Pics--
    (L to R - Mast P, Test C, Test P, EQ, Tren A, NPP, Test E)

    (L to R - Mast P, Test C, Test P, EQ, Tren A, NPP, Test E)

    1. Brewing Process.
    All done by me in an undisclosed location. Cooked on hotplate with magnetic stirer with digital thermometer. Vials, glassware all drowned in Iso Alcohol before being baked for 90 minutes in a 250c digital oven. Lab gloves, face masks, goggles and suit worn during brewing process. Nothing is reused. All discarded after each brewing session. Filtered using a pump and bottletop filter. New filter is used after each brewing session. A differen't filter is used with each compound as well. This isn't a big lab with automated processes. Everything is done by hand, with love and care. I'm putting these preperations into my body as well so being clean and as sterile as possible is at the top of my list. I have never had any sort of infection or complication due to my brewing method and practice. Anecdotal evidence from a source is viewed as a lie, but there it is. Take it for what you will.
    I will not be giving out my recipes or concentrations used in my batching. I have honed them over years of experience in this field. I don't want others copying off of me.

    2. Communication.
    I will not respond to any inqueries if you don't use a secure, anonymous email provider. I will not conduct any business via PM. Secure email communication only. This is for everyone's safety.

    3. Full disclosure.
    I have no reps or shills or use any handles here or on any forum or website. Entirely new source. I may have had a nick on here way back when it was called Mesomorphisis, like early 2000's maybe, no idea what my nick was or anything though. Back then I signed up to any fitness related board I saw, pretty much. After opening my account many I never signed back into, ever.

    4. Testing
    100% store credit for any test of my product with proof of course. Or a new pack from a different batch number if tests come back negative. (will discuss further to those interested in testing).

    5. References.
    Not sourcing anywhere else at this time. Completely new. Looking to build trust and brand loyalty.
    Plus, according to Meso, any experience, reviews, blood work from any other board other than Meso is irrelevant, so no point in going into this further.

    Highly recommended
    Multiple payment options - at this time only CIM and WU are the only forms of payment I will accept. I looked into various other methods and feel this approach is the best. Based on my past experience. At some point I will likely remove WU and go completely CIM only.

    Rationale in Posting here.
    Some of you reading this have criticisms of my post and source introduction. That is to be expected. I am in your house and am a guest. I will conduct myself accordingly. At no time will I ever forget this. I am a new source with no reviews, tests or history. I hope to change that which is why I'm here on MESO. My methods cannot match those of pharma grade or top tier, huge UG facilities. I take every precaution to ensure I am producing a product in a safe, clean environment. At the end of the day I am a small source doing what I love and hoping to share my product with some of you. I put great care and effort into each and every product I have on offer. I do not and will not cut corners.
    I have lurked here and elsewhere for months now, close to a year before deciding on where to source. I have carefully planned this and enjoy the openess and honesty of the MESO community. I have read every single source thread and most of the others in the Steroid Underground section. Starting from page 174 all the way to the first page.
    I understand I will get a lot of questions, many questions are the same on every source page so I have decided to try and save you all some time and have included a FAQ section to my introductory post. I have read many source posts here and have compiled a list of questions that I have seen over and over again. To help save some time, which is valuable to us all. I've tried to give full, complete answers but I will be happy to expand on my answers if and where necessary. Providing it doesn't undermine anyones security.
    I am not here to push any products on anyone and will not do so via PM or any other nefarious method. I am here asking the community to take a leap of faith with me in due time when people are ready and feel comfortable. I will hope those that do will report back with reviews and (hopefully) testing to verify the validity of my product.


    1. Post pics of your lab please.
    A - I will not post pics of my lab set up for safety reasons. I will tell you that it is not a kitchen. I have went to great lengths to set this lab up in fuctional, sterile way.

    2. Are you selling locally or anywhere else?
    A- No I am not selling locally at all. I keep a low profile in my real life. Just your average, family man who happens to train with weights. I am not sourcing anywhere else online.

    3. Who asked you to come to MESO?
    A- No one. I don't know anyone here or on any board anymore. No one knows I am sourcing, not even my closest family or friends know. I have told no one and will not tell anyone.

    4. Would you send out free samples to members as a sign of good will or for testing?
    A- No, I will not send out any samples for any reason. If testing on my product is to be done it must be done anonymously so I do not know which pack will be tested. Everyone will get the same quality of gear regardless of member standing or stature or motive for testing or not.

    5. How do you test your raws?
    A- At this time I can only do melt point testing on a hotplate with laser thermometer. This isn't the greatest but it's a start. I don't find Labmax to be an effective way to guage anything other than at 4% of the compound in the shipment. In the future if all goes well I will be investing in an actual melt test apparatus and other testing equipment. I get HPLC printouts on each raw from my source, take that for what it's worth.

    6. Who is your raw provider?
    A- I will not be revealing my source, not now or at any time. I have others that I can call if need be as well. I'm not limited by a small number of sources. I don't necessarily use the same ones as everyone else...I've been in this game for quite some time...

    7. Will you keep client info?
    A- No, client info will be deleted upon sucessful receipt of product. It will never be written down or copied to my computer in any way. It will remain in my secure email then deleted. Each new order, even from returning clients will need to provide with their info again as I will not remember it.

    8. How do you secure your computer/internet?
    A- I use various means to keep my internet connection secure using all the usual technologies we currently have. I use a laptop dedicated to this business. I am the only one who knows of it's existence. The hard drive is encrypted and removeable. It is secure when not in use.

    9. How do you plan to deal with a giant flood of orders if everything goes well for you here?
    A- Through careful planning and administration I am ready to provide the best possible service. If at any time I cannot keep up, I will be honest with all of you and put a hold on new orders until the backlog is under control once again. At no time will I allow for greed to take over. At no time will I allow the quality to suffer. I am here for the long haul, not to just make a few dollars and run away. Quality and prompt customer service is always number one. You place an order today, it gets shipped as soon as I pick up funds.

    10. How long have you been brewing?
    A-More than a few years. Just for myself most recently.

    11. Do you run your own gear? How long have you been running gear?
    A- Yes, I do run my own gear and get great results from it. I have been running my own gear for more than a few years. All self brewed. I run the exact same gear I'm brewing and sourcing here. I grab a vial from the storehouse, same as I would when packing and shipping your order.

    12. Can you post pics of your body?
    A- At this time I will not be able to comply with that request.

    13. Explain your batch number system please.
    A- Certainly. Each raw provider used for each batch is provided a batch identifier on the vial. This info is recorded in case it is needed at a later date. If any batch of raws is found to be underdosed, I will be notifying this board immediately and will take the necessary steps to make it right. After a thorough investigation.
    I'd kindly ask that at no time would I like anyone to make batch numbers public information.

    14. Where are your LabMaxes?
    A- LabMax has limited viability for a source. I see no point in posting pics of them as people here will just say either a) they are faked or b) they cannot trust tests from a source.

    15. Explain how you will keep yourself and in turn your customers safe.
    A- I do not lead a flashy life, this will not change in any way. I do not use drugs and I rarely drink. I'm just the average family man. Middle class, square guy. I do not go to clubs etc. No crazy purchases that cannot be explained. No large amounts of cash lying around. Nothing will be in my home, ever. No storage unit either. I have planned this with great detail in mind. My life will not change from the outward appearance what so ever. I'm not going to go into detail here out of my sense of personal security. I am consistantly looking for new ways to secure myself and my customers. I have been brewing for years and no one knows. Not my wife, family or anyone. If I have no one working for me, I have no one to rat me out either. I can keep a secret indefinately.

    16. Will you post pics of your wifes tits or body or what have you?
    A- Sorry I will not ever comply with that request. I love my wife dearly, she is my everything and will not be shared on a forum or anywhere else.

    17. What about MS/HPLC testing of your raws?
    A- At this time I do not have access to this type of testing. This may change in the future. If/when it does I will let everyone know and post results. Even if I did, members here would say that either a) they are faked or b) they cannot trust testing from a source. So I will avoid this scenario.

    18. Why don't you just get a job and buy a MS/HPLC machine so you can test every batch of raws?
    A- I have a carreer, a mortgage, family, car payments etc. I do this on the side, as a side business. Not to say it will receive less attention because it will not. This venture is not my only source of income. I have several revenue streams. Everything else is 100% legal and above board.

    19. Have you ever sourced before?
    A- Yes, I have. Many, many years ago. Back then it was all about HG. I would import them and sell them. I also sourced my own UGL on a board that is no longer around many, many years ago. So I have experience with shipping packs and remaining discreet. Long story short, my life changed and I decided that I was going to live the straight life for a while and I did. Until now. Now, I make my return.

    20. What was your lab called?
    A- I will not reveal that information, EVER...I don't want my success to be based upon my past accomplishments but instead on what I do from this moment on.
    It was a small lab, again just myself brewing and making caps. I had labels back then. It was well received, had a decent reputation. Not a huge lab, it was semi-private. If you were around back then you'd probably be able to figure it out but I won't confirm or deny anything.
    It was small, efficient and the products worked. Just like these ones do. I'm not interested in becoming a massive super lab. I'd prefer to build a good base of clients then one day go private. Then take new clients on a referral only basis. That way we can all stay safe.
    As an aside, my past is irrelevant to Meso anyway, according to Meso any experience, reviews, blood work from any other board other than Meso is irrelevant, so no point in going into this further.

    21. Will you donate to Anabolic Lab?
    A-I'm not against donating to it. I have a problem with AL not testing Canadian sources. If they started testing Canadian sources I'd be more inclined to donate to it. In a sense we are all on the same side, regardless of origin country. Harm reduction is the key. Looking at it like this, yes I'd probably donate. Will I do it right now? No. It's a strong possibility for the future however.
    It's kind of like extortion in a way though...no source fees but new sources are guilted upon entering MESO into donating to it in lieu of source fees...however if I am sucessful here on MESO of course I'd help support the AL to do more testing. It's only fair. I am not greedy and have no problem with sharing.

    22. WIll you ship to the US?
    A-At this time I will not. I am not going to play around with the system down there. My gear is brewed in Canada by a Canadian for Canadians...or others living in Canada currently of course...

    23. Hey fuckwad! Post pics of your fucking gear! All your stock! Seriously, why no pictures?
    A-At this time I will not post pics of my full stock....this is absurd anyways....what source in their right mind would advertise their exact stock numbers? I will not take the photo with my phone. I may go and buy a very old used camera that will not record exif data. Yes, I know I can strip exif data from pics but I don't trust it enough to bet my freedome on it. Paranoid much? Yes, I'm being very careful to keep us all out of prison.

    24. Do you plan to carry orals, pct, HGH, Sarms, Serms, etc, etc ad naseum?
    A-At this time I do not plan on carrying these items. In my past I used to make caps but nowadays everyone wants pressed pills. No way am I going to import a pill press machine or even have one in my possession. I can probably get one and pay cash for it through my contacts but right now, in this country, having one is a lot of heat. So I'd much rather you buy those items from another source or overseas pharmacy.
    But, who knows. If demand is high enough and you guys want caps I may break out my old capping machine and make some for you guys. I still make them for myself anyways...
    Saying that, HG items do land in my lap from and time to time, HGH included, and I will probably offer what I cannot use myself here to MESO until sold out. However, I will not be carrying them regularly. Which is why I didn't include them in my list. I have professional shipping cold packs and all packing supplies to ship everything properly, so not to worry. No items will degrade during summer months.
    IMHO, the efficacy of Serms and Sarms has yet to be proven in my eyes and are very much experimental. I will choose to deal only with items that are in reality working and not in some alternate fantasyland. Maybe they work and maybe they don't. Until more evidence is out I'll stick to what I know works. I wouldn't feel right about offering any items that I couldn't vouch for their authenticity and ability to make a difference in each of our physiques.
    Yes, I'm here to make money. I'm running a business. However I will not conduct my business in an unfair manner. Offering items of questionable effectiveness is taking advantage of the client. I will not do this, ever.

    25. How long have you been training?
    A-I started training with weights at first for sports I was involved in. Football, baseball and hockey. My interest grew from there. When I was younger I wanted to be as big as possible but nowadays not so much. I'm still a good size but I do not push it too much like I did when I younger. I'm happy having more muscle then 90% of the population and staying fairly lean year round. Most people would say I am big but I am no where near pro size. Classic physique body type I would say to those who are interested. My own gear usage is very moderate. Mostly just to maintain. I stay on year round. Blast and cruise. Using all the same gear I have on offer in this thread.
    For years I trained heavy, heavy, heavy, all the time. Now I alternate heavy and light days each week. As I age, I find my joints and ligaments are sore often from the years and decades of heavy heavy lifting.

    26. Can you pack your shit and get the fuck out, Kick rocks, etc, etc, etc?
    A- I could, but I won't. I will not be run out of MESO. I will not leave. I am here to support this community with quality, clean gear. I look to become a respected source on MESO. I'll be here so as long as I don't break the few rules that exist the big boss won't ban me. I will prove myself over time to be exactly what I've claimed. I will keep my composure, remain professional and ride out the storm. I've read every single post in every single source thread multiple times so I know what to expect...which is what led me to write this FAQ.

    In Conclusion.
    I'll sum this introductory post up by saying that I am not a new brewer. I am not a young man. I am older and have been around for a long time and have yet to have any trouble whatsoever with anabolics. That, in and of itself should speak volumes. I am old school but computers aand tech have also been a hobby of mine since the late 70's/ early 80's so I keep quite up to date on technology including but not limited to safety and security. I will do my very best to remain and transparent as possible. I will not kiss anyones ass or wonder around the board calling everyone "sir" which, to me, is completely ridiculous and transparent as to what you're doing carrying on like that but, to each their own.
    I hope this introductory post was satisfactory and has answered some of your questions. I look forward to answering any further questions any of you may have for me.
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    Off to gym, I'll be back later to answer any and all questions.
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    Very well worded intro !!
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    Hell of an intro... Wonder when the serious vetting will start - although you attempted to cover a lot of bases...

    Reading through again to see what I can find :rolleyes:
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    Looks like CN gear that was on reddit
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    I know you said Canadian domestic, but does that include Mexico?
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    I read about them. I am not them. I have no idea what their gear looked like or what tops they used. I chose black because I didn't want to stand out in that way.

    Not at this time. My apologies. If shipping changed I will update this thread.
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    I have been reading the forums here for a long time before deciding to do this. I did a FAQ to save people some time as the exact same questions are on every source intro pretty much. I tried my very best to "come correct" as you guys like to say.

    I read every single source post in the underground at least 10 times. Probably more. I tried my very best to produce a proper intro post. I wrote it and rewrote it many times until this final version.
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    Not for me sir, but good luck anyhow
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    Favorite hockey team? And what's ur opinion on the expansion?
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    Funny how bad the Canadian vetting process is VS. The US domestic... Lol. This thread would have been 10 pages by now ...
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    You say fair prices but didn't list them?
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    Exactly...and it's always the same shit, I don't get why you don't have AI's as well, along with orals. Also what I would like to know is even tho you say testing would be geared towards Fake or w.e why not have purity testing along with other testing as well just to show some sort of (Proof) so to speak on your product for peace of mind on your end to ensure that what you are selling is in fact what it is. Then if members do end up buying your product they can have it tested, and if the results did come back testing what it should, then it would show some sort of honesty.IDK MY .02
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    And you have a minimum already, not sure Why? Seems to me like you would want to build a rep before adding minimums.
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